10 important questions to ask movers on moving day

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Hiring a moving company is the best way to handle a move. However, in order for everything to turn out well, there are certain things that you need to clear out with your movers before and during the process. To give you a hand, our moving specialists at Safari Movers Atlanta have prepared a list of the important questions to ask movers on moving day. Give them a look in preparation for your relocation date.

When will my moving crew arrive?

If you have an agreement with a moving company in Atlanta, you probably already have a scheduled date and time for your movers’ arrival. Nevertheless, you should call the company anyway to confirm that everything is going according to the agreement and that your movers will arrive at the agreed time. This is especially important when hiring Atlanta office movers during commercial relocations. If your movers are late or might come earlier than expected, you definitely want to know about it so you can prepare and act appropriately.

checking a watch and thinking about the questions to ask movers on moving day
Asking your movers about the time of their arrival is among the most common questions to ask movers on moving day.

How big is your truck?

Moving companies operate with a large variety of vehicles. For long-distance relocations, movers will usually use larger vehicles. However, if you are hiring local movers Atlanta for a short-distance move, they might show up in a van or a truck. Therefore, one of the things that you want to ask movers on moving day is how large the vehicle that they will use for your relocation. It is not the same to prepare a parking spot for a step van, for example, or for a large furniture truck. This type of vehicle could take up to 3 parking spots. So you should definitely ask your movers about that.

Are there any Covid-19 procedures that I need to follow?

In the days of the pandemic, one of the things that you want to know about is whether there are any health protocols that you need to follow during the process. Some moving companies might require you to leave the house while they handle your belongings. They also might require you to wear a mask and keep your distance. If they are strict in following these rules, they will also ask for access to running water for hygienic purposes. Even though the pandemic restrictions are easily diminishing, because there are still many businesses that follow certain procedures, this is one of the questions to ask movers on moving day.

Do you want me to walk you around the house?

If you got your moving estimate online and your movers haven’t had an opportunity to see your home in person, you will need to show them around. This will be especially necessary when your movers are also packing your stuff. If you already have everything boxed up, you will only need to show your movers boxes with fragile items.

How long will you need to load a moving truck?

Once you show your Atlanta movers around the house, you will probably ask yourself how long will it take. Well, the size of your home plays a big role in the equation. Then you need to consider the number of items in your home and also their size and complexity. Of course, the most important factor that determines how long will it take for your movers to get your items into a moving truck is whether they will need to pack your stuff or you already handled that part. Still, to get a most precise answer, you better ask your movers about it.

loading a van
There are many factors that will determine the loading time

Will you transport this item?

You probably know that moving companies have strict rules when it comes to items that can’t go into a moving truck. You cannot transport pets, food, hazardous materials, and many other items. If you have some items where you are not sure about their status, make sure that you ask your movers about them. Maybe you can transport those items in your own vehicle if the movers cannot help you.

Do you need help with something?

Moving is a complex process with many unknowns. And while most moving companies are well equipped and have really experienced professionals, in some situations they might need your help.  They will probably need to clear out certain things they encounter during the move. Maybe ask for permission to disassemble something. Or they will ask you for a glass of water. Therefore, if you want to be polite and help your movers be quicker, ask them if they need help with something.

Do I need to be present while you are packing my stuff?

When it comes to helping your movers during the move, some moving companies might not need any help. If that is the case with your movers, maybe you could do some other business while they are packing your stuff. If you opt for full packing services Atlanta, your crew will certainly take care of the whole task. Just in case, ask your movers whether you need to be present during a move.

What is the expected time of delivery?

One of the most important questions to ask your movers on moving day is the time and date of the delivery. This is particularly important when you are hiring residential movers Atlanta GA for cross-country relocations. The perfect situation would be to get to your new home exactly when your movers do, so nobody has to wait. So make sure to ask your movers about the expected time and date of the delivery.

dates and schedule
It is very important to know the exact time and date of the delivery

Can we get the movers’ phone numbers?

Getting to your destination at the same time as your movers is an ideal situation. However, in order to ensure it, you need to be in constant contact with your moving crew. So make sure that you take the number of the truck driver or someone else on the team so you can synchronize your travel.

There are even more questions to ask movers on moving day

Those are the 10 most important questions to ask movers on moving day. Of course, there are other things that you might need to ask and you can ask anything you want. Just make sure that you do not miss these mentioned above.



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