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If you are looking to escape from the stressful lifestyle that comes with living in a big city smaller town might be the perfect option. Some people prefer more peace, small communities, and a calmer lifestyle. If you live in Georgia and are thinking about moving to a smaller place, we have a great suggestion- the city of Norcross. Norcross is a smallish town in GA with about 17 000 residents. It was founded in 1870, and since 2010. its residents doubled. If you are wondering what are the benefits of moving here, Safari Movers Atlanta GA give you 10 quick facts about moving to Norcross GA!

10 facts about moving to Norcross GA

When it comes to moving, every place has its ups and downs. If you want to know your soon-to-be home, you should do some research. When it comes to Norcross, some interesting facts about this small town can make you fall in love with it. For example:

  1. Norcross has affordable livability
  2. Two official languages
  3. Young median age
  4. Low unemployment rate
  5. Good location
  6. Good residents reviews
  7. Beautiful nature
  8. Nice weather
  9. High poverty rate
  10. Higher crime rate
More than 44% of residents of Norcross speak Spanish as their first language. English is the second most spoken language.

Norcross has affordable livability

Living in Norcross is not expensive. Overall, prices are similar to average prices in the USA. Housing prices are even 6% lower than average prices in the USA. You can rent an apartment for 950 $ per month. You can also buy a two bedroom and two bathroom house for around 180 000$, which is much more affordable than the rest of the places. Utilities and transportation are also affordable, with utilities being 16% lower than the rest of America. Goods and services can be a bit more expensive, depending on the type of service. However, if you are looking for an affordable and cozy place to live, hiring movers Norcross GA and relocating here is a very good idea.

Two official languages and young median age

People moving to Norcross, GA, are mostly young couples and families with kids. Circa 60 % of residents are families with kids younger than 18. The median age is 33 years, which is very young. Another interesting fact is language diversity. More than 44% of residents speak Spanish as their first language, and only 42% have English as their first language. Also, most of the residents are Latin, White, and Black Americans. About 50% of the population are married couples, and others are either too young for marriage or single couples. Divorced people take up a small % of the population.

A colorful neighbourhood in Norcross, GA
Housing prices are affordable, unlike in some smaller places. You can buy a middle-sized house for 180 000 $.

Low unemployment rate and good location – moving to Norcross

Norcross is only 17 miles away from Atlanta. This relatively close distance can be reached in 25 minutes. That is why many young people are choosing to move here. If you plan on working in a city, everything will be close to you, and you will not have to spend thousands and thousands on gas prices. Norcross also has a low unemployment rate- 3,7%. That is lower than average in Georgia and the rest of the USA. Most of the residents work in construction. Then it comes food and accommodation services, retail, etc. The low unemployment rate is mostly due to its closeness to the capital of Georgia. A good employment rate combined with affordable livability is perfect for those looking for a better future. If you have gotten a job and plan to move here, you can hire junk removal Norcross GA, after you settle in your new home.

Good residents reviews

If you plan on moving somewhere, checking internet reviews might give you a bigger picture. For example, most residents think the community has a good community spirit. They also think it’s a pretty safe neighborhood, during the night as well. Most residents do not mind LGBTQIA people, since the biggest part of the population are younger, more open-minded people. Most people love nature and enjoy spending time in the parks. Many residents also do not like being stuck in traffic when returning from work, which is one of the few advantages of Norcross.

A people in the park in Norcross
Moving to Norcross GA is advisable if you are nature lover.

Beautiful nature and a high poverty rate

This place is a dream come true for nature lovers. Since it is away from the city, it has beautiful parks. Residents take care of them and enjoy spending their free time in nature. The best spots are Graves Park, Pinckneyville Park Community Recreation Center, Jones Bridge Park, Pinckneyville Park, Holcomb Bridge Park, etc. There is also a Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary. You can hike, walk, enjoy nature, and even discover some animals. It’s a perfect place for nature and peace-lovers.

On the other hand, there are cons to living in Norcross. One of the cons is the high homelessness rate – it’s about 25%, which is high for a small city. Most homeless people are not aggressive, but usually have health conditions that can make them seem dangerous. Another disadvantage of living in Norcross is the higher crime rate. Most of the crimes are thefts and trespassing. That’s a piece of information to take into consideration before deciding to use storage Norcross GA services.

10 facts about moving to Norcross- conclusion

To sum it up, moving to Norcross GA is ideal because of many factors. Low livability, good location, and peaceful and cozy place are just some reasons. Language diversity and a young population are other advantages. Beautiful nature and a high employment rate are also good reasons to move. Another great factor is the weather. The Winter months are not freezing, but are mild. Summers are hot, but not extremely hot. The air pollution is not as high as in bigger cities such as Atlanta. Some of the disadvantages are the high homelessness rate and higher crime rate than in the rest of Georgia. If you choose to move here despite all the cons, you will be making a great choice. Good luck. We wish you a nice relocation!




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