7 tips for stress-free junk removal

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We know how life gets, you save a thing here and there thinking you’ll use it. Next thing you know, you have a house full of clutter. It might seem overwhelming to tackle all the junk and get rid of it, but a clean and tidy home has no match. If you aren’t sure you’ll be able to handle this task on your own, Safari Movers Atlanta is here for you. Their team of professionals will take care of anything you need removed from your home with ease and efficiency. If you need some useful guidelines on the matter, we are bringing you the top 7 tips for stress-free junk removal. You’ll be enjoying your clutter-free home in no time!

Our 7 best tips for stress-free junk removal

Getting rid of all the stuff you have accumulated for years might seem like a lengthy process, but it doesn’t have to be so. With a few simple tips and help from junk removal Atlanta GA experts, it will fly by seamlessly. Here are some steps you can take to ensure a smooth decluttering process:

  • make a plan for junk removal day
  • double-check the things you want to toss
  • have a designated space for sorting your belongings
  • rent a dumpster
  • keep the hazardous materials separate
  • get rid of all the garbage
  • hire professional junk removalists
Our tips for no-stress junk removal will make decluttering short and sweet.

1. Make a plan

Having a plan makes any process easier, and it’s no different with junk removal. You want to come up with a structured plan to ensure no issues occur on the day you plan to de-clutter. Think about when the best time to start is, how you can fit the process into your life if you work full-time, and how long you think the process might take. If you are de-cluttering before your big move with local movers Atlanta has at its disposal, you need to account for the time to pack your belongings afterward. Everything needs to be completed before your movers arrive.

2. Double-check the things you are planning to toss

If you have a garage or an attic full to the brim with knick-knacks and all sorts of items you even forgot about, don’t chuck everything in boxes and throw it away. Surely not everything in there is junk. Take the time to sort through everything and see if there are items you can sell or donate to Goodwill or other local charity organizations. You can also organize a yard sale and sell some of the items you haven’t used and that are in pretty good condition. You won’t make a fortune, but considering the cost of moving, boosting up the budget is always a good idea. 

3. Designate the space for sorting the items

When you decide to sort out everything you have in your garage or attic, you want to separate the junk from the things you want to keep, sell or donate. For this, you will need some space. Think of where you want to sort your belongings ahead of time, instead of winging it on the go. For example, if you have already packed your guest bedroom and it’s empty that could be the area for sorting when you’re de-cluttering. It’s also important to protect yourself from the dust. If the items you are sorting out haven’t been touched in a while, when you start moving them dust will fly everywhere, so make sure to open windows to provide airflow. Wear a face mask, some protective glasses, and gloves if you are allergic to dust.

4. Rent a dumpster for the big cleanout day

Getting rid of all the junk in your home is easy, but where do you take it from there? Contacting a local junk removal company and seeing if they rent dumpsters is a good idea if you don’t want or can’t afford a complete service. With a large dumpster, it’s much easier to clean out your home than if you were to fill and pile up countless trash bags. That way, when the furniture movers Atlanta offers come to take care of your relocation, your home will be clutter-free.

blue dumpster rental is one of the best tips for stress-free junk removal
Renting a dumpster is a simple way to make junk removal easier and faster.

5. Keep the hazardous material separate

If you didn’t know already, moving companies and junk removalists alike don’t handle hazardous materials. We all have batteries, half-used cans of paint, and opened paint thinners in our garage, along with many other chemicals that you shouldn’t throw out together with your regular garbage. Hazardous materials have to be disposed of in special ways to protect our environment, as well as protect ourselves from sudden explosions, poisoning, or chemical burns. Make sure you dispose of any harmful chemicals properly when you clean out your home.

hazard sign
One of the best tips for stress-free junk removal is to keep hazardous materials separate from the rest of the items you want to get rid of.

6. Get rid of all the garbage

Once you’ve sorted your belongings, it’s time to toss all the junk. Whether you just put everything in trash bags or you rented a dumpster, get rid of everything you consider garbage. If you want to hold on to some items, be honest about whether you’ll ever use them. As a good rule of thumb, if you haven’t used it in the last two years, you will likely never use it so consider it garbage. The exception is if the item is in good condition and you can sell or donate it.

7. Hire professional junk removal services

The best way to remove junk stress-free is to hire professionals to take care of it. Organizing everything with a full-time job, kids, and possibly the process of moving is already overwhelming without adding the de-cluttering to the equation. Why add to the stress, when junk removal experts can do all the work swiftly and efficiently. Your home can be junk-free and spotless in a matter of hours, and you won’t have to worry about getting dirty, inhaling dust, providing trash bags or dumpsters, or anything else for that matter.

We hope that these tips for stress-free junk removal have helped you in organizing your home cleaning successfully. The safest way to get rid of the junk cluttering your home is to hire professionals, but it is possible to DIY it. It’s only a matter of what works with your budget and schedule best. 


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