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Georgia is a state with many great cities to choose from. It’s definitely no wonder a lot of people are switching cities in their lifetimes. They might just want to experience something new or upgrade their current situation. By that we mean starting a family, finding a better job, moving to a larger town with more residents, etc. Those are some of the most common factors people are moving from Norcross to Roswell. If you’re one of those people, this guide will definitely help you. We at Safari Movers Atlanta have been involved in plenty of intercity relocations, so that’s why we’ll share our experience with you. By the end of it, you should feel much more secure regarding your move. Let’s get started!

About Norcross and Roswell

Even though the subject of this article is moving from Norcross to Roswell, you’ll definitely find people headed in the opposite direction. Therefore, let’s say a few words first about Norcross. It’s a city in Gwinnett County with a population of 17.293 residents. The median home value there is $203,000, which is the same as the state’s average home price. The average rent revolves around $1,267.

The cost of living index is 96.6, which means it’s below the national average. In turn, the estimated median household income is $59,124, which is just slightly below Georgia’s average of $61,980. All in all, it’s an affordable small town with plenty of family-friendly activities, parks, and museums. If this sounds appealing to you, get in touch with the best movers Norcross GA has at its disposal!

Roswell in the morning
Many people are moving from Norcross to Roswell because the city is bigger and it provides more opportunities

When it comes to Roswell, it’s a much bigger city than Norcross. It has a population of almost 100,000 people which makes it Georgia’s ninth most populous city. Compared to Norcross, it has the same cost of living index and median rent value, which is a great thing for your budget! However, if you’d like to purchase a home, the average home value is $422,300. That shouldn’t scare you, because in turn the average household income there is $109,805. Higher wages are usually followed by higher home prices. But don’t worry, as some of the most reliable local movers Atlanta has to offer, we’ve helped with dozens of these relocations. What we’ve seen assures us that you’ll have no trouble settling in after you’ve landed your new job and picked a home! 

Go house hunting in person

This step is very important because you are protecting yourself from unpleasant surprises when you arrive and move in. You really have to visit a home in person to really see its state. Online lists and ads are great, but there are so many things that you simply cannot see that way. By checking out the house in person you can see if there are any potential repairs that will await you, problems that are not listed in the ad, etc. Don’t rely only on your real estate agent either, even though it’s their job to find you the best place in accordance with your budget. They are definitely a helping hand you should use, but make these big decisions after carefully examining the state of the homes that ended up on your shortlist. 

Explore the job market in Roswell before moving 

Finding a new job in Roswell before moving from Norcross should be at the top of your priority list. Luckily, the job market there is quite stable. The unemployment rate is only 4.70% and is in a steady decline year-over-year. The average yearly salary in Roswell is $80,100, and 52% of its population earns more than $100,000 per year. On top of that, 74% of jobs are white-collar types. When you find your new job and pick a home, it’s time to find the most reliable movers Roswell GA has to offer and get packing! 

Family getting ready to move from Norcross to Roswell
Be very organized and detail-oriented during your move. As long as you’re in control of the process, you minimize the chance of any stress coming your way

Make a good packing and moving plan and stick to it 

Before you hire residential movers Atlanta GA, be well-organized and prepared. Start enough time in advance with your planning and packing. Sort your stuff into essential and non-essential piles, examine exactly how many packing supplies you will need, and how much time will it consume, and make a solid game plan. The whole point of this plan is to not disrupt your daily activities prior to your move. Start packing your non-essential items first, so as moving day approaches you’ll have plenty of time to pack the last of your items. Use a labeling system so both you and your movers know what’s inside the boxes. It will make loading. unloading and unpacking are much easier and more efficient!

Transfer all utilities on time when moving from Norcross to Roswell 

Make sure all of your bills are paid and all utilities are transferred before your moving date. You shouldn’t start off your stay in Roswell with no electricity or internet just because you didn’t remember to transfer and activate them. On top of that, you don’t want old bills to come to your new address either. Make sure everything is covered to have peace of mind. Also, since you’ll be moving to a new city, once you arrive go to your local DMV to update your license and registration to reflect your new home address.

Person counting money to pay bills
Before moving from Norcross to Roswell, make sure all your bills are paid and utilities are transferred!

Explore your new town after you unpack

Roswell is known for its gorgeous parks and has hundreds of recreational programs. It’s always on top of all lists when it comes to Georgia’s best towns for sightseeing and relaxation! On top of that, it’s rich with history and has a very busy and beautiful downtown. It’s no wonder plenty of people decide to move here! If you are one of them, don’t settle for anything less than the most reliable residential movers in Atlanta GA has to offer, so your moving from Norcross to Roswell is smooth and enjoyable from the very beginning. 



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