A Comprehensive Guide For Moving From Marietta To Johns Creek

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When moving takes place, it doesn’t take much to make a mistake that will cause even more issues in the future. Having a good plan to follow is worth a lot so why not have one? Those who plan on moving from Marietta to Johns Creek will have a lot of tasks to focus on but it will be nothing without a good guide! From preparing your inventory all the way to getting to know the place you will be moving to, your relocation will surely catch your attention for some time. To do it right and to actually enjoy the entire process, there are a couple of things you must know and expect from this entire process. Take a look at your personal guide for this relocation and all the details you shouldn’t ignore! And finally, hire some of the best moving companies Marietta GA offers to help you relocate.

Where does it all begin?

It is good to know that your relocation begins the moment you start thinking about it. Even though it may sound like your move begins with movers Atlanta and your inventory, you will have a lot of work before that as well. The most difficult part is to find the perfect place you will be moving to, so once you get to that it will be much easier to proceed to the next step. Those who chose Johns Creek are not the only ones who turn to this wonderful city and the reasons for that vary. But to enjoy your relocation to the fullest, you should probably know more about the relations between these two cities and why people chose this moving route in particular.

Packing materials
Moving from Marietta to Johns Creek requires you to focus on some other things apart from the transportation of your items

When it comes to making a good moving plan you must include many things in there. But those who are moving for the first time and don’t have enough experience can find this to be pretty difficult. Here we will focus on things that are the very core of your relocation, and that can help you embrace this relocation.

Marietta vs Johns Creek

One of the most important things in the very beginning is to understand the place you will be moving to. The best method to achieve that is to focus on your current home in Marietta. Both of them are in the same state which means that not many things will change. However, there are no two places in the world that are the same, and your life will change indeed. Marietta and Johns Creek are 20.80 miles apart which means you will need an hour and a half to get from one place to another with your car. Since distance plays a huge role in your relocation, you shouldn’t underestimate it, no matter how small it may seem. But apart from distance, there are a couple of other differences between these two cities we should talk about! Buckle in as the most important things you should know about your upcoming move are down below!

After moving from Marietta to Johns Creek you will find yourself in the bigger city

Johns Creek is more populous than Marietta and has around 82,065  people living there. And while your current city is a little bit smaller with a population of 61,497 you will still feel the change. Due to the differences between these two places you will instantly be surrounded by more people starting from your neighborhood or the area you choose for living. The population in Johns Creek is pretty mixed as well. You will find people of different ages and occupations living there, and for many, that will be a good thing. Both of these cities have a couple of things in common including beautiful restaurants and bars. There you can find delicious food and tasty drinks that you can enjoy with your friends. There are also museums, historic houses, and attractions that residents love.

parents walking with two kids
No matter if you are moving with your family or alone, a good guide will be super useful

Will moving to Johns Creek improve your chances of finding a good job?

The answer is yes! Marietta has an unemployment rate of 3.9% while Johns Creek still holds 2.6%. The difference in this field is something you shouldn’t ignore as finding a good job will determine your entire lifestyle in this city. In Marietta, some of the biggest employers include Morrison and Marietta College, while in Johns Creek there are more of them. If you plan on looking for a job in this place you should know that some of the best companies there are:

  • Saia
  • Ebix
  • Booster
  • Vector Consulting
  • Dinova

The list goes on and on and all you need to do is find the one that is related to your profession or current job. Before you hire movers Johns Creek GA, ask your employer about remote working. Since these two cities are relatively close, that could be a good option for you! On the other hand, you need to start looking for a job on time. Even though Johns Creek is open for doctors, teachers, construction workers, and much more, you will need to be sure that things are going in your favor. Make sure to arrive in Johns Creek just in time for your new job interview. 

Three women sitting at the meeting after moving from Marietta to Johns Creek
Your new community in Johns Creek can help you understand the new area and blend in better

Economy and the living costs

The next thing you must be really careful about is the living cost difference between these two cities. It is not good to move to a place that is much cheaper or more expensive than the previous one, as that can be a really risky decision. In terms of different factors that define living costs, Johns Creek may seem a little bit more expensive than Marietta. Let’s start by saying that the state of Georgia is below the average and rated 94.5 compared to the national living cost of 100. Marietta goes up to 112.10 which is a lot for some people. To make you understand the issue better here is a brief comparison:

  • Groceries: Marietta 98.6 / Johns Creek 103.4
  • Health: Marietta 98.7 / Johns Creek 98.8
  • Utilities: Marietta 100.1 / Johns Creek 101
  • Housing: Marietta 124.1 / Johns Creek 174.2
  • Transportation: Marietta 121.1 / Johns Creek 130.4

Even though living in your new city may seem a little bit more expensive, moving from Mariette to Johns Creek will have many benefits for you. Due to a very stable economy in the entire state, you can easily find a good job in Johns Creek. With higher income and more stability, these living costs will be more suitable for you. 

Johns Creek and its neighborhoods

Those who decided to move to Johns Creek in Georgia will have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a neighborhood. Keep in mind that you will have to make a decision way before you start making plans with moving companies Marrietta GA. So where exactly do you begin? The area you will choose must have everything you need, or at least the majority of them. This is essential for a good quality of your life and all those things you wish to achieve. If you are moving with your family and are looking for a more subtle life you will not choose the same place that people who are looking for fun will. Here are some choices including resident groups that populate them:

  • The Falls of Autry Mill- more suitable for families and people with younger kids
  • Medlock Bridge – will be amazing for everyone including those who wish to retire
  • St. Ives- young professionals and freelancers will love this one
  • Rivermont- has huge and lovely homes perfect for everyone
  • Doublegate- if you are a fan of art and history, this one is for you
people shaking hands on the job interview
Those who will be looking for a job after their relocation should start doing it on time

It is good to mention that the entire state of Georgia has neighborhoods that are pretty nice and what’s most importantly safe. The same goes out for both of these cities so no matter if you are moving on your own or with your entire family, you will love the new place!

Other things you should know about these two places

In the terms of weather conditions, Johns Creek gets 54 inches of rain per year and around 1 inch of snow. So after your relocation, you will get just a little bit more rain and less snow. Official statistics claim that Marietta ends up with 53 inches of rain and even 2 of snow. When you get to the point to hire residential movers Atlanta GA to carry out your relocation, be careful about the timing. What you need to avoid when moving from Mariette to Johns Creek is the beginning of the winter when it’s really cold and the roads are icy. This can make your relocation more difficult and you will not feel at your best. The best time you can choose is of course late spring and summer. Fresh breeze and a lot of sunshine will make you feel extremely excited because of your move!

Both of these cities celebrate national holidays on a high note. That means you will get to keep all those big Christmas, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July celebrations! Even though your neighbors may have slightly different traditions, this will be just another benefit for you. Feel free to explore new things and meet their way of living. You will also get a chance to share your experiences with them as well and that will be something that will change your life forever. In Johns Creek, there are plenty of attractions during different seasons including ice skating podiums, summer festivals of homemade food, and much more.

road covered in snow
You will still get to keep cold and snowy winters after moving from Marietta to Johns Creek

Will your relocation be difficult?

As long as you know what your exact steps should be and by the right people by your side, your relocation will be super easy. Furniture movers Atlanta can help you with the hard part of your move by making sure your inventory is not something you must move and transport yourself. This itself will give you plenty of time and space to actually enjoy moving from Marietta to Johns Creek. Even though the distance is not challenging, it is big enough to cause issues especially being late or forgetting something. Depending on the cause of your move, you can organize your inventory properly until movers arrive. 

Those who find Johns Creek perfect for downsizing should take that seriously. You don’t have to take everything with you and that many items will just make you anxious for no reason. You can find many solutions for all those items or even leave them in Marietta. Pick them up when you are ready or have time. Both cities have a couple of charity organizations. Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Marietta and Charity Guild in Johns Creek. You can get in touch with them and simply give your items to someone who needs them more. This will be a wonderful way to make someone else happy. You too feel good about the entire relocation and change coming your way.

two girls sitting in the park after moving from Marietta to Johns Creek
And once you arrive in Johns Creek feel free to explore its park or restaurants

Moving from Marietta to Johns Creek is about to change your life

This relocation will change a couple of things in your life including your habits and lifestyle itself. If you are completely ready for it this shouldn’t be challenging at all but rather a wonderful experience. Talk with your friends and family member about the right time to move. In case you love the idea but don’t feel like it is the right time, wait a little bit longer. Your relocation will be much more successful when the timing is right. Leave all that hard work to movers, choose suitable packing services Atlanta and everything will seem much easier.

Always keep your budget and other priorities as number one, because they will define the entire process and the aftermath of it. For many, moving from Marietta to Johns Creek will be a huge step and that is completely normal. Once you officially arrive in Johns Creek slowly start blending in and explore the area as much as possible. You will find happiness in seeing the new places and people while still getting to keep all those wonders Georgia has to offer.


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