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There are several ways how to get to know Norcross creatively. You may or may not have heard of the Resurrection series that was shot in Norcross, GA. The series’ plot is that the supposedly dead return to the living. But why were the scenes of this series filmed in this city? Coincidence or not, we can find symbolism. Safari Movers Atlanta GA thinks that the answer lies in the history of this city. At the end of the 19th century, Norcross was a summer resort. The citizens of Atlanta went to this city to escape the heat and crowd. So, throughout history, Norcross has proven to be an ideal place for recovery, a place to”rise from the dead“. Thinking about this is only the beginning of the creative ways to get to know Norcross GA – keep reading for more!

Getting to know Norcross GA: location and climate

If you want to get to Norcross from downtown Atlanta, it will take you an average of 25 minutes by car, a distance of 20 miles. Also, there is a direct bus line. Norcross is a city with a lot of precipitation throughout the year, so an umbrella is an indispensable item to bring. The subtropical climate prevails, which on the other hand, gives a lot of sunny days. Regarding the locations in the city itself and the characteristics of each of them, moving companies Norcross GA can be of help. The general idea of how to get to know the city’s climate and location is simply by exploring. There are many parks and nice quiet places perfect for a stroll. In this way, you will feel the climate in its true colors – just be sure to carry an umbrella during the rainy season.

A couple strolling down the street
Take a stroll and get to know Norcross GA

Get to know the history of Norcross GA

As we mentioned earlier at the end of the 19th century, Norcross was a summer resort where the citizens of Atlanta went for recovery, entertainment, meetings, and shopping. Norcross residents used the same commuter train to go to work and school in Atlanta. The town is named after railway official and former mayor Jonathan Norcross. Norcross is on the National Register of Historic Places. So the traditional methods of exploring the city are available, you can visit the museums and historic places – but why not talk to the residents about it instead? Norcross is a relatively small place. Most of the residents will be willing to talk to you and fill you in on the city’s history. In this way, you will also learn precious details that you wouldn’t be able to learn through museum visits.

Exploring the culture and art of Norcross

For culture and art lovers, it is important that you can see artists exhibiting their works in the city center throughout the year. Significantly, Gwinnett magazine declared the city “Gwinnett’s best artistic and cultural scene“. You can visit the many outdoor summer concerts and the Norcross Art Splash. This event attracts art lovers from all over the country. There is also the Bluesberry Festival, and the British Car Fayre is held in September. If you truly wish to get to know Norcross GA, visiting the Lionheart Theater Company is a must. Local movers Atlanta say that this place is famous because it is thought to encourage creation, creativity, and spontaneity. Norcross Gallery & Studios is open to the public, as well as to all artists who wish to exhibit there.

People sitting in the park listening to music
Visit one of the many cultural events in Norcross GA

Become acquainted with the sports and entertainment scene of Norcross GA

Norcross can boast of rich sports facilities, one of which is the Norcross Sports Training Academy, where residents and visitors can practice various sports, such as baseball, football, and basketball. There is also the West Gwinnett Park Aquatic Center, where there are several outdoor aquatic facilities and an indoor competition pool. A lighted walking trail, as well as a 0.25-mile cross-country trail, is something that you should visit if you wish to get to know Norcross GA. The park can be visited from early morning until 11:00 pm.

You can have fun in this small town in several ways, but the inevitable source of entertainment is the Amazing Escape Game Center. Here, through teamwork, you will have to complete various missions to escape. Quick decision-making, critical thinking, and problem-solving are all you need to complete this game. Pleasure and good fun are guaranteed.

Get to know must-see places in Norcross

Although it is a small town, Norcross is full of must-see places. Before we get into this, we want to point out the city’s cleanliness. Junk removal Norcross GA also offers services so the residents of this town do not have to worry about waste, moving to another location, packing or moving furniture, etc. When it comes to must see-places in Norcross, we created a shortlist of those for you, be sure to check all of them out if you want to get to know Norcross creatively.

  • Liliana Web Park – visitors can enjoy outdoor fountains, volleyball courts, an interactive playground
  • Trasher Park – you can find an amphitheater, children’s playgrounds, picnic tables, a gazebo, and many other family-suitable activities
  • Pinnacle Park – a place perfect for children and pets. Duck lovers will have a blast here – the place has a concrete path that circles the lake, which is full of duck
  • Lucky Shoals Park – covers 70 acres and is also suitable for both families and sports activities. It offers a forest trail with benches for rest as well as basketball, football, and tennis courts.
  • Downtown Norcross – for all the foodies and shopping lovers, downtown Norcross is a perfect place. It has an abundance of good restaurants with various menus. Dog-friendly restaurants are also available and there are dozens of them in Downtown Norcross.

    A family shopping as they get to know Norcross GA
    Shopping is always fun – be sure to check out the shopping malls

Final thoughts on how to get to know Norcross creatively

We have already said that there are many ways to meet Norcross creatively. We saw that we can do it through art, music, gastronomy, sports, and many other activities that this small town offers us. All these activities complement each other and form a beautiful whole. You can take our advice and get to know Norcross GA by visiting the places that we have mentioned or you can think of another way to do it – whatever you decide we are sure that you will have a great time in this quaint city.



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