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Once you decide to move from Atlanta to another place, that probably means you made some big changes. Since changes are always good, your relocation should go smoothly and without stress. In order to achieve that, there are a couple of simple rules and step to follow. The trickiest part for many people is definitely packing. It can be very time-consuming and can make you feel nervous and irritated after only a couple of minutes of doing it. You would be surprised to know that packing is not that difficult at all. As a matter of fact, it can be the most interesting process of your entire relocation. Here is a short guide to packing your home for a move!

Since all good relocations start with a good plan, you should look into movers and packers Atlanta. If you are tight with time or simply don’t want to do everything on your own, this is your best option. On the other hand, if you believe you can deal with packing here is what you should do. 

Choose a good packing material

Before you start packing your Atlanta home for a move, make sure to get good packing materials. No matter what the new destination is, your items should be safe and protected. Packing services Atlanta are also a solution if you want to avoid spending money on packing materials. There are probably many shops in your area where you can get high-quality packing materials, so try to order everything on time. As a result, you will stick to your schedule and won’t be late on an actual moving day. Among others, these are packing materials you will need:

  • High-quality boxes: You should avoid at all costs getting regular paper boxes. By using them you are risking damaging or even losing your possessions. Some of your boxes should also have tight lids on them, especially for smaller items. 
  • Bubble wrap: Bubble wrap will prevent your items from damaging during transportation. Focus more on fragile items like framed pictures, dishes, etc.
  • Paper wrap: You will need a paper wrap for different items in the same box. Try to avoid using paper with ink on it, it can stay on items permanently.
  • Markers: If you don’t have them at home, make sure to buy a couple of markers. You will use them for labeling your boxes in order to make unpacking easier.

If you want to use fewer boxes for your relocation or simply do some things differently, there are plenty of tips and tricks to do so. Just be careful with DIY tips as they can take up too much of your time and resources. Once you choose the ones that work the best for you, packing your home will instantly become super fun!

woman using bubble wrap to represent packing your Atlanta home for a move
Starting off with a good packing plan is a great idea!

Leave the excess behind while packing your home

No one said you need to take everything with you. Once you start packing you will probably come across many items that you actually don’t need anymore. Avoid keeping that because of good memories or the possibility that you will need them again. Your new home deserves a refreshment and filling it with items you don’t use anymore is simply a waste of space. But, if you have certain items that you would like to remove for some time there is a great solution to that. Our reliable storage Norcross GA offers is made for situations like this. You can use them during the time of your relocation or even if you have an upcoming renovation in your new home. It is always good to know that you have a plan B for emergency situations. Your items will be safe until you are ready to come and take them with you. 

woman carrying boxes
Packing your Atlanta home for a move will surely bring up some good old memories!

Be patient when packing furniture

Once you finish packing clothes and smaller items, you will find that the only thing left is furniture. Don’t start panicking and stressing out. Furniture is usually very easy to pack and move, you just need to keep a couple of things in mind. Here is how to deal with furniture when packing your home:

  • Empty all furniture items: Things like wardrobes, cupboards, and desks should be empty. Don’t think that filling them with other items is going to make your relocation easier. You will risk damaging everything and it will be very hard to move it around. 
  • Clean your furniture: You can do this step before the packing process or you can ask friend or a family member to help you. Bringing clean and fresh furniture into your new home is worth all the trouble of cleaning it all at once. 
  • Secure a good way of transportation: Moving companies have mastered this part so you can rely on them when it comes to transportation. Just make sure not to push things if you see that it is getting complicated.

If you feel like it will be too much for you, you can always count on furniture movers Atlanta. They will do an amazing job for you and spare you all that hard work. Since time really is money, you will actually save by letting them do it instead of you. 

couple packing their items in the box
If you want you can include family members in friends in the entire packing process!

Bottom line

Leaving Atlanta will surely make you nostalgic for some time. But arriving at your new home with good vibes and a smile will change your mood pretty fast. When your relocation day gets closer, see what the best options for you are. Residential movers Atlanta GA will have many packing tips for you, and that is something you shouldn’t miss. 

Another great piece of advice is to include as many friends and family members in your relocation before you leave the amazing Atlanta. This will give you a chance to say a proper goodbye and spend some quality time with people you love. It will for sure make packing your home an unforgettable experience. 



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