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Moving involves detailed preparations and numerous moving tasks. You have to figure out the best way to pack, organize the relocation process, and book moving services in time. With all these errands in mind, you might be wondering what if some of your furniture gets damaged during the move? Luckily, that doesn’t have to happen! The moving services Atlanta offers are reliable and efficient. If you are packing on your own, and the movers are only transferring your belongings to your new home, we’ve got you. Here’s everything you need to know to properly prepare furniture for a move. Your dearest pieces will be secure and as good as new, ready to make your new house a home.

How to prepare furniture for a move efficiently and seamlessly

With a little guidance, getting your furniture ready for the move is not hard at all. All you need is to follow a few simple steps to ensure the best conditions for your favorite pieces. Your safest bet is to hire furniture movers Atlanta has at its disposal. However, you can prepare your furniture for the relocation by yourself. You will need to do the following:

  • decide what you’re keeping and get rid of other furniture
  • make an inventory of all the furniture you’re moving
  • measure all the pieces of furniture carefully
  • clean the furniture
  • disassemble the furnishings and keep track of all the pieces
movers showing you how to prepare furniture for a move
Learn how to prepare furniture for a move like a pro.

Decide what you want to keep, and get rid of the rest

Moving old furniture you hardly ever use is not only a waste of time but also a waste of your hard-earned money. Movers will charge you by the hour or by the total weight of the belongings you’re moving. Either way, you don’t want to carry the furniture you don’t need to your new home. If you have some old furniture that’s still in pretty good condition, you can either sell it or donate it. As for the rest of the old, damaged, and unused furniture, hire junk removal Atlanta GA for easy cleanup before the move. Why clutter your new home with junk before even getting there?

Make an inventory of the furniture you’re moving to your new home

Making a detailed list of all the furniture you’re moving is the best way to ensure you haven’t forgotten anything, and also have an insight into the pre-move and post-move condition of all the pieces. Make an inventory list with the condition and the value of all your furniture. Make sure to note any damages, scratches, or broken pieces if there are any. That way, you’ll be certain whether or not the damage occurred during the move. Having a list of all your furniture is also beneficial to keep track of everything. In the haste of moving it’s easy to forget a lot of things, even something as large and obvious as a piece of furniture. To prevent anything from getting lost, make an inventory and check it thoroughly before and after the move.

man and woman packing furniture
Before you start packing your furniture, there are several things you should do.

Measure the furniture precisely and carefully

This step is essential when you’re moving to a new home. You want to be sure that all the furniture you’re taking is going to fit into the new house perfectly. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of disassembling and moving a king-size bed just to realize it doesn’t fit your new bedroom. Mishaps occur, and if that’s the situation, luckily there is secure storage Norcross GA has at its disposal where your extra furniture will be safe. But, to prevent this, measuring the furniture is key. You can also make a floor plan and organize where everything will go after the move. Once you start unpacking, the process should run smoothly with a good floor plan and well-measured furniture. You will be saving lots of time!

Clean all the furnishings

When you move to a new house, you want all your belongings to be clean and fresh. The same goes for your furniture. Whether you choose to clean it yourself or have the professionals take care of it, cleaning the furnishings is essential. Think of your living room sofa, and all the crumbs and bits of food that might be stuck in there. You want all of that out before the move in order to prevent making a mess in your new home as soon as you move in. Vacuum the furniture thoroughly and use a suitable cleaning agent to ensure everything is spotless before the movers arrive.

Disassemble the furniture carefully and keep track of all the small pieces

Disassembling the furniture is crucial for easier management during the relocation. You want to be able to fit your furnishings through the door, so go ahead and disassemble everything you can. Some large pieces can’t be dismantled, and that’s OK, there is a way to move such pieces as well. However, it’s much more convenient if a large piece of furniture is split up into smaller, more manageable pieces. It’s easier to pack and properly protect it that way. As for the small pieces like screws and bolts, make sure you put them in a ziplock bag and tape the bag to a larger piece of furniture they belong to. That way you won’t lose track of any parts, and you will know exactly what goes with each piece of furniture when you re-assemble it.

man and woman disassembling a table
Disassembling your furniture reduces the risk of damage or breaking significantly.

Moving to a new home is easier with dependable furniture movers by your side

Whether you are moving soon or your relocation is months away, consider hiring professional furniture movers. With moving experts by your side, you will have a knowledgeable team that will do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is prepare furniture for a move properly. The movers will pack and transfer your furniture to your new location. Make sure to donate all the pieces of furniture you don’t need to Goodwill or sell it before the move to reduce the costs of the move. With experts handling your furniture move, you will enjoy the relocation process and remember it with a smile on your face!



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