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Moving and settling into a new area, like a new city, can be both exciting and stressful. You might have landed a new job, or you have some immediate family obligations to do. Either way, relocating to new surroundings can take some toll even on the most experienced movers. If you’ve been asking yourself recently: “How long does it take to settle in after moving?” and thinking about the transition after the relocation, you’ll find something close to an answer here. Many factors impact the time needed for settling in, but one thing that will guarantee you a faster transition is to find help from Safari Movers Atlanta. If you’re looking for advice about settling in, this text is for you.

The first step is to do your research

If you’re wondering how long it takes to settle in after moving and want to reduce that time, then researching in advance is crucial. It’s best that you start the research 12 or even 16 months before a move. This will give you a better insight into the new area and the neighborhood you’re relocating to. Local movers Atlanta will help you move and make your new place homier, but you might still feel like a stranger in the neighborhood. That’s why it’s important to research your surroundings and find where stores, malls, and other places of interest are. Settling in your new home is different than settling into a new city. With proper research, you can diminish the time needed for the latter.

Man on a laptop, trying to find out how long does it take to settle in after moving
Research in advance to achieve success.

Start unpacking as soon as you can

Nothing will make your new place feel like a home than making it look like a home. It might sound redundant but think about this. Living in a house covered with unpacked boxes will definitely make your process of settling in longer. How long does it take to settle in after moving? Well, there isn’t a definite answer. For most people, it can take around a few weeks to five or six months. But placing the furniture and other belongings will for sure make it faster to acclimate. With the assistance of movers Norcross GA, you can arrange the furniture and set decorations that will help you feel at home more quickly.

A family unpacking the boxes
Unpack as soon as you can.

Consider all transportation options

Especially for those moving because of a job, commuting takes a big role in everyday life. So, consider all transportation options to make your life easier and simpler. Having a staple and safe transportation option will help you settle in. Moving a bike might be troublesome, but storage Norcross GA has you covered on that front. Cycling around will help you discover the new city and get familiar with it. This everyday motion from a new place to a new job through a new city will help you call it your home. Finding a friend might also help as they probably know the city better than you. Here are some ways of meeting new people:

  • Throw a party – This does wonders for meeting your neighbors. Your future best friend might be among them
  • Internet is your friend – From work friends to workout buddies, and even potential dates, meeting sites and apps have it all
  • Get more familiar with your colleagues – After all, you spend most of the day with them, so why not befriend them?

All this can reduce the time needed for settling in, and you’ll find yourself at home in no time.

Acclimating takes time

You might think that moving to a completely new place isn’t a big deal, but sometimes it takes some time to acclimate. As we’ve said before, how long it takes to settle in after moving varies from person to person. Some rough estimates are that it might take around a month to call your new place a home, and three-to-four months to feel like a part of your neighborhood and community. Lastly, once you’ve discovered the optimal transportation routes and the best restaurants and coffee shops, it’ll take a year to settle in and call the new city home. Hopefully, by this time, you’ve become close with new friends and know which places in your neighborhood are the best to hang out.

How to win the struggle with depression

The sad truth is that many people struggle with depression after moving. You yourself might be influenced by it without being aware. To help you fight through this period and feel joy about all new possibilities, here’s a short list of activities that’ll help you feel happy and at home:

  • Lower your expectations – Having high expectations about your new home can only lead to sadness and disappointment. Stay real and appreciate new exciting things
  • New city, new you – Out with the old, and in with the new. This is a perfect time to reinvent your living space. Junk removal Norcross GA will help you get rid of the unneeded waste so you can redecorate your new home.
  • Stick with activities that brought you joy before – Nothing will make you settle in faster than by doing all the things that made you happy and relaxed before
  • Don’t be afraid to try new things – This kind of relocation provides many new opportunities to spice up and improve your lifestyle
  • Don’t forget to stay in shape – One of the best ways of fighting depression is by being active. Jogging or hitting the gym regularly can chase away those nagging and depressing thoughts
A stressed woman
If you ask yourself: “How long does it take to settle in after moving” – you might be affected by the post-move blues.


Relocating to a new place is an exciting process, but it will take time to feel at home. For those wondering: “how long does it take to settle in after moving” – it depends on you. Following this advice will help you call the new place your home more quickly.


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