How to declutter before moving day

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Are you preparing to move to a new house in a new city? Are you hesitant to start packing because of the sheer volume of things you have accumulated over the years? If so, you should seriously consider decluttering before you start packing. By doing some decluttering and by removing any unnecessary junk, you will be able to have a better experience packing and moving. There is simply no point in moving broken or useless things to your new house. In fact, this will only add to the overall cost (and stress) of moving. Luckily, we at Safari Movers Atlanta GA have created this useful guide on how to declutter before moving day to help you with the process.

When should I start decluttering?

Decluttering an entire home will be a lengthy and time-consuming process. So, we recommend starting the decluttering process as soon as you can. Keep in mind that you will probably need to spend a few days (yes, days) decluttering each room in the house. Depending on the size and number of things in the room, you may need just a couple of days. Or, you may need a whole week for a single room. There is no rule on where to start decluttering. So, you can start with the easiest or with the most difficult room in the house. The choice is all yours.

Woman sitting next to packed boxes
Start decluttering early so you have enough time to pack

Also, by giving yourself enough time to declutter, you will avoid the stress of making rushed decisions on what to keep and what to get rid of. This way, you will be sure you have made the right choice. And you will not end up regretting getting rid of anything. What is more, many people choose to hire professional help when they pack and declutter. These things can easily get overwhelming, so having professional help can be of great use. If you are moving from Norcross, then you can choose from some of the best moving companies Norcross GA has to offer.

What should I do with the unwanted things when I declutter before moving day?

Well, it depends on the things you are getting rid of. For example, if you have many duplicates of things you do not use, you may donate or sell them off. You should make this choice as soon as you start decluttering. This way, you will avoid having an “I don’t know yet” pile of things you will need to go through again. We recommend sorting things into four piles: things to keep, things to give away, things to throw away, and the “unsure” pile. However, use the “unsure” pile wisely just for things that have sentimental value, but you are not sure if you want to bring with you to your new home. You can offer the things from the “give-away” pile to your friends or family members first. Or, you can donate them to a local charity or even organize a garage sale.

How to declutter before moving day easily

As we have mentioned, we should focus on one room at a time when we declutter. Let’s take a look at how we should declutter certain rooms in the house. Use these tips for all the rooms in your home.

Man buried under a pile of boxes
Tackling one room at a time is an important tip on how to declutter before moving day as you can avoid getting overwhelmed

Decluttering the kitchen

When you declutter the kitchen, think about the things you never use. It will help you a lot when you make a plan on how to declutter before moving day. Are there any pots or pans that are broken or no longer usable? Is there expired food in the cupboards? Always start with the obvious things and then move on to the more challenging ones. Also, try to separate the junk in one place so it is easier to remove it later. Clearing out the junk is easy, and it will get you in the right mindset of downsizing and organizing. Then, you can make good decisions regarding the less obvious things. Downsizing and getting rid of useless things will also help you create room in your home for new things.

Decluttering the living room and bedrooms

When it comes to decluttering these rooms, you should start by getting rid of the junk. Getting rid of junk first will be of tremendous help when you are packing. First, try to separate old magazines, kids’ toys you no longer need, old clothes that cannot be worn anymore, and any other items that are just taking up space. Use the four categories we mentioned earlier to help you stay organized. Only after you get rid of all the junk will you be able to start packing. And moving furniture can be tricky if your home is cluttered. If you live in Georgia, then consider hiring professional help. you can hire furniture movers Atlanta has to offer to help you pack up and move your furniture once you start packing.

Decluttering the garage before moving day

The garage is usually the storage room in most homes. This is where unwanted things go when we just do not have the heart to get rid of them. So, decluttering this space will require some willpower and a lot of time. When sorting items in the garage, ask yourself honestly if you will ever use a certain item again. Also, keep in mind the amount of space available at your new place. And, remember that moving is expensive. Why waste time and resources on moving things you will never use? Instead, you should downsize as much as you can. Then, you should look for the best junk removal Norcross GA has to offer.

Make a solid plan on how to declutter before moving day when handling the garage
The garage will require a lot of time and effort to declutter before moving day

As we have seen, there are many benefits to decluttering before you move. First, you will reduce the overall cost of moving because you will reduce the volume of things for transport. Also, you will save time on packing because you will have fewer items to pack. Removing junk from your home will also give you a sense of order, and you will create room for new things. And, making detailed packing lists will help you stay organized. Hopefully, you will know how to declutter before moving day easily after reading our guide.


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