How to make moving from Johns Creek to Norcross easy for kids

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Organizing any move and relocation can be a difficult task. That’s especially true when kids are involved in the process. There are certain things you have to do, to make sure they are not affected as much by the whole thing. That’s what we will talk about today. You want to make sure that you make moving from Johns Creek to Norcross easy for kids. You certainly don’t want them to remember your relocation in a bad way! It should be a fun and pleasant experience that they will remember fondly. After all, you are moving to your new home, and that’s certainly already a great thing! We at Safari Movers Atlanta will do our best to guide you through this process. Let’s get straight into it so you can start planning your move as soon as possible! 

Talk to your kids before moving from Johns Creek to Norcross

Remember when you were a kid, and many things didn’t make sense? Well, chances are your children will be confused too. They don’t yet understand how the world works and how life can change. Take into consideration their feelings and thoughts and make it easy for them. Talk to them before your move, as that is especially important. Explain to them the reasons why you are moving and why it will be a good thing for them. If they have a lot of friends in Johns Creek, they will be sad to leave them behind. However, thanks to modern technology, they can always keep in touch! They should know that and be sure they understand it. Also, let them know they will make even more friends in Norcross! Their lives might change, but they won’t be alone in their new hometown.

A girl in a box before moving from Johns Creek to Norcross
Be sure to be open and honest with your kids before moving from Johns Creek to Norcross, as they are sensitive and need explanations

Take your children to their new hometown before you actually move 

Since they will be leaving their old town soon, go out of your way to familiarize them with their new one before your move. In their eyes, they may think that their lives are changing for the worst. Get ahead of that by showing them around Norcross and explaining to them that they will be just as happy here. Maybe even more than in Johns Creek! Once they see they have nothing to be scared of, it will make the whole move a lot easier for them. There is also another benefit to taking them there. Test the commute to Norcross, so you don’t have any surprises when moving day comes. While you are there, you may even check out available storage units there and see how far they are from your new home. Consult with local movers Atlanta first, to see what’s available and what’s best for you. 

Stick to your daily routine

Try and stick to your daily routine all the way up until moving day. You should ensure that your kids’ lives are unaffected by your preparations. Children need to stick to their routines in their daily lives. Otherwise, they could get confused and disoriented. They may even slip up in school; you certainly don’t want that. To avoid any of that happening, simply structure your preparations for your move from Johns Creek to Norcross around their day-to-day obligations.

Don’t pack any crucial items of your children until the very last day. Do the packing while they are in school, so when they are home, they can do their chores and homework without stress. When it comes to packing, get adequate packing supplies by contacting your movers Norcross GA of choice.

Couple in the middle of a move
Organize your packing carefully, so your family move is smooth and enjoyable

Pack your kids’ stuff strategically

To follow up on the last point, you should pack your kids’ stuff strategically. Start with the non-essential stuff, like winter clothes if it’s summer or vice versa. That way, they will have all their wardrobe still available to them. From there, see what they could live without the most before you move. The last things you should pack are school supplies, clothes for the current season, and toys they always use. Don’t disrupt their daily lives and habits, simply make sure they can still do them. Your children will be very grateful for that.

You certainly don’t want your kids to wake up on a moving day stressed and scared. When moving day comes, and they feel excited, the whole process will be infinitely easier! That’s the best outcome, so be smart with your packing. 

Have a Johns Creek to Norcross moving day plan and stick to it 

This is arguably the most important step. Don’t leave anything to chance because otherwise, things could get difficult. Not just for your kids, but for you too. You must balance packing, moving, calming your kids, etc. To get in front of that, set a schedule and stick to it.

Organize the move with the movers Johns Creek GA you chose, and explain to them that you have kids moving with you as well. Any moving company worth its salt will know how important it is to stick to a schedule. Regardless if there are kids involved or not! Any move should be handled professionally and on time. Therefore, being well organized is key in making anything happen. That includes relocating to a new city with your kids, where you will start a new life.

A couple hugging after moving from Johns Creek to Norcross
Make the Johns Creek to Norcross move easy for your kids, and by the end of it, you’ll all be happy and satisfied!

Don’t rush unpacking and settling in 

Once you are there, definitely unpack the essentials first, and don’t hesitate to do that. That’s the first part of settling in. You don’t want your home to be a mess for too long. However, for kids, allow them to unpack and settle in at their own tempo. This is a big change in their lives, and they should feel free and comfortable growing accustomed to their new home at their own pace. Be there for them, and see how they react. Follow the steps above, and you’ll certainly make moving from Johns Creek to Norcross easy for kids of yours!



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