How to move from Atlanta to Marietta with a family

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If you enjoy all the opportunities and possibilities big cities offer, but don’t want to live in one, then Marietta, GA might be perfect for you. This suburb is a short distance away from Atlanta, which allows you to jump to the city in no time. On the other hand, here in Marietta, you won’t be exposed to the stresses of city life. Mostly because of this, many families are planning a move from Atlanta to Marietta. With the help of movers and packers Atlanta, your family can also enjoy the peaceful life in Marietta. If you’re still unsure whether you should and how to move, here’s a short blog that might help you decide.

Marietta GA is one of the largest and most affordable suburbs

Marietta has recently gained more than 60,000 residents, which makes it the fourth biggest suburb in the area. What makes this place desirable is its good connections to Atlanta. With only 20 miles between these two, Marietta has a good transportation system that connects it to Atlanta. So, it’s no wonder that Marietta has been the target of many people who commute every day to their work. Marietta offers all the commodities of living in a large busy city while being a peaceful area, perfect for raising families.

A family looking at documents
Marietta has affordable house prices

On the other hand, Marietta is unusually affordable for a suburb with this much popularity. Furthermore, it is way cheaper than the suburbs in close vicinity. If you are looking to move from Atlanta to Marietta with your family, but the living costs play a major factor in your relocation, consider Marietta. If you want to purchase a home for your family, the lowest prices go around $100,000. Movers Marietta GA will help you settle in your new dream home. Another bonus of living in Marietta is the low property taxes, which make this place even better to raise your family in.

Marietta offers a family-friendly environment, perfect for families with small children

Marietta is proud of its accepting and welcoming community. After your move from Atlanta to Marietta, you’ll feel at home in no time. With Marietta’s low crime rates, you can rest assured that the environment is as good as it gets, especially for your kids. This suburb is surrounded by greenery, which offers a lot of outdoor activity. You can take your family on picnics, or you can go hiking, cycling, or flying kites.

You’ll find a rich choice of respectable schools here

Another reason many people choose to raise their kids in Marietta is the educational institutions. The school district here has recently seen a lot of praise and has claimed many awards. In Marietta, there are a lot of school choices for all age groups. The school system here is one of the best in the whole of Georgia. Pair this with the great family-friendly activities, and you can understand why Marietta is one of the best places in the Atlanta area to raise children.

A child in a school, which are a good reason to move from Atlanta to Marietta 
Many families move from Atlanta to Marietta because of its respectable schools

Moving from Atlanta to Marietta with a family requires a lot of preparation

Moving anywhere with a family will require a lot of preparation. Marietta may be one of the most welcoming suburbs, but it will still take some time for your family, especially kids, to adjust. So, to make your relocation as smooth as possible, organize your time schedule. Start preparing a month before the move. This will allow your kids to accept the fact that they will be changing homes. If you can choose the time, it’s best to move from Atlanta to Marietta at the end of the school year. Furthermore, allow some time for your kids to say goodbye to their old home. Transitioning can be hard for children, but with ample time, they will feel at home in Marietta in no time.

Pack and organize your belongings a few days before a move

Families with children usually need to bring many items with them when relocating. To be sure that all your and your kids’ items are taken into account, we suggest making a list. This will help your children adjust faster to their new surroundings in Marietta. Carefully pack and prepare the furniture for a move. Furniture movers Atlanta will help you relocate cribs and bunk beds easily into your new home in Marietta. Also, don’t forget to pack kids’ outdoor gear, like skates, rollerblades, and bikes. Marietta offers a lot of outdoor activities; make sure that you don’t miss them.

On the other hand, moving more items will cost you more. So, choose which items to discard to make the move from Atlanta to Marietta more affordable. Talk with your partner and kids to be sure that you don’t accidentally throw away something of value to them. If you are forced to discard a lot, consider selling it online or donating. If you’re in a fret, junk removal Atlanta GA can help you get rid of the excess. This will make the move faster and easier on the wallet.

Family packing boxes
When moving with a family, the organization is essential

Marietta GA offers plenty of neighborhoods to choose from

Marietta as a whole is a peaceful and spacious suburb, perfect for raising families. However, there are many different neighborhoods inside Marietta that offer great variety. Some of the more popular ones are:

  • Chestnut Creek – A children-friendly community with many playgrounds, picnic areas, and a swimming pool
  • Chimney Springs – Offers a lot of recreational and outdoor activities
  • Windsor Oaks – Has many schools as well as restaurants and malls
  • Downtown Marietta – Has a lot of historical value and an always-busy main square


Many families are deciding to move from Atlanta to Marietta, and it’s no wonder why. With many family-friendly activities and great schools, it’s no wonder why Marietta has gained in popularity. However, when moving with a family, be sure to plan everything in advance. We hope this text has helped you decide whether Marietta is a suitable choice for your family.



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