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Organizing a relocation is usually time-consuming and stressful. After you’ve made a plan, you have to execute everything and do it properly to avoid damaging your belongings or worse, physical injuries. The first step towards a successful move is to hire professional movers. However, it is equally as important to know how to pack your belongings in the right way and move heavy furniture safely. Safari Movers Atlanta will be your best friend when it comes to efficient, stress-free moving. But, if you want to handle some parts of your relocation on your own, take a look at our best tips. We are sharing how to safely handle heavy and oddly-shaped pieces of furniture.

Move heavy furniture with ease with our tips

Moving heavy objects seems daunting because most people are afraid of damaging their furniture or injuring themselves. However, with the right help, equipment, and lifting techniques, you’ll see that moving furniture around is not difficult at all. Whether you are preparing your precious furnishings for storage Norcross GA, or for your relocation, you’ll need to:

  • come up with a good plan
  • protect the furnishings with proper packing materials
  • ask a friend or two for help
  • use the right equipment for moving furniture
  • learn the proper lifting techniques to prevent injuries
woman googling how to move heavy furniture
Making a plan when you have to move heavy furniture is going to make the process much easier.

Don’t start without a good plan

A good plan is all you need when moving house. Before your residential movers Atlanta GA arrive, make sure to pack all your belongings and move the furniture out of the house. Even if you are not hiring movers, for your relocation to run smoothly, you need to come up with a plan on how you want moving day to go. Around a month before your moving date, take a pen and a piece of paper and plan your moving schedule. Think of the time you’ll need to pack your household, as well as who you want to ask for help with moving furniture and loading/unloading the moving truck. The timeframe you get will help you not start packing too late, or have to rush with carrying furniture which can only lead to trouble.

Protect your furnishings with proper packing materials

Getting the right packing materials is key when you are taking your furniture with you to your new location. We all know that furnishings are not cheap at all, so investing in packing materials is really the only logical thing. The best thing is, they are usually quite affordable. For example, you can get a moving blanket, which will be your BFFL for protecting furniture, for a couple of dollars, and the uses are very versatile. Not only are moving blankets great to wrap around your cabinets, tables, or chairs, but you can also slide them under heavy pieces of furniture and slide them across the floor which will make your life so much easier. In addition to moving blankets, you’ll also need furniture sliders, packing paper, bubble wrap, and saran wrap for optimal protection of bulky furniture pieces.

living room
Protecting your furniture is essential if you don’t want to damage it when moving.

Get someone to help you handle the furniture

Moving bulky pieces of furniture is impossible to do by yourself, so don’t even think about it. It’s best to ask at least one friend to come to help you, or even two. Carrying heavy, oddly-shaped objects is an invite for back injuries so having some assistance is essential. However, don’t wait until the last minute to ask anyone for help. Rather, ask them at least a week or two in advance. That way, your friends will have time to work your relocation into their schedule. Also, don’t forget to thank them properly and show your appreciation. Things like refreshments and snacks or a meal even are a must if you are having people help you move bulky furniture. Carrying and moving bulky items is hard work, and you don’t want your friends hungry or thirsty.

Use the right equipment for moving furniture

Having the right equipment can make moving furniture a piece of cake. Well, almost. You want to make the hard work of carrying a couch, your appliances such as a fridge or dishwasher, or a wardrobe even as easy as possible. While there are plenty of places you can get free moving boxes for your relocation, you should really invest in the equipment for moving your furniture. That’s why you’ll need the following:

  • furniture moving straps
  • furniture sliders
  • a heavy-furniture lifter
  • an adjustable furniture dolly
  • an appliance dolly

Watch out for injuries – use proper lifting techniques

Preventing injuries when moving your bulky furniture is key. You want your relocation to run smoothly, and hurting your back while carrying heavy objects is ideal to spoil your seamless moving experience. That’s why it’s essential to get familiar with proper lifting techniques. The first thing you need to know is to never lift with your back. Lift with your knees or your head. Also, carry your heavy furniture close to your body, not far away to reduce the strain on your forearms.

woman's back
Back injuries are common when moving heavy objects, so learn how to protect yourself.

If you have to carry furniture down a flight of stairs, use the high low technique. The person lower on the stairs should hold the piece of furniture from the bottom while the person higher on the stairs should hold the top of the object. Let the person holding the bottom determine the pace. You also never want to twist your body while carrying bulky and heavy objects.

Consider hiring furniture movers and enjoy

Hiring furniture movers is still the safest and best way to move heavy furniture. Moving experts are trained to handle heavy, bulky objects. You will save valuable time since professional furniture movers Atlanta offers know how to pack and move furniture efficiently in a lot less time than it would take you. Booking moving services will also save you money since you could pack something wrong or drop a heavy piece of furniture and damage it. So, while it’s nice to DIY some things, moving your furniture is not one of them. To ensure an enjoyable relocation experience, hire professionals and relax!


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