How to store jewelry in a Norcross storage unit

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Very few people know how to properly take care of their jewelry. Most of them think storing it in a drawer or safe is good enough. However, they ignore the influence of heat, humidity, and the possibility of mechanical damage. And all this can affect the quality and longevity of your jewelry if you don’t take appropriate measures. In case you’re wondering how to properly store jewelry in a Norcross storage unit, you’re in the right place. We at Safari Movers Atlanta GA know how to handle fragile and valuable items, and how to store them safely. Our storage units are under surveillance 24/7 and are climate controlled, which is crucial for storing jewelry. And if you already need tips on storing valuables, ask professionals. 

Sort  your jewelry

Not all materials require the same conditions, that’s why is best to sort jewelry by material, to begin with. First of all, separate fashion jewelry from jewelry made of precious materials. The latter requires special care, so we will devote more attention to them. While you just can simply untangle the bijouterie and hang it on a jewelry rack to have it within a reach.

a watch and two bracelets in blue lined jewelry box
Separate your jewelry by material and category.

Golden and silver pieces should be kept in soft cotton purses or in their original boxes. Silver is particularly sensitive to moisture, so it is not a bad idea to pack it with silicone packets or activated clay. There are also boxes lined with a special silver fabric, which prevents silver jewelry from tarnishing. Another good way of preserving jewelry pieces is keeping them in felt-lined boxes. In this way, you will physically separate pieces, so there can be no friction or tangling.

As for gemstone jewelry, keep your diamonds away from other gems. They are known for their hardness, so they can easily scratch softer gems like pearls. For them is best to use jewelry pouches or boxes with foam inserts and keep them away from moisture and sunlight. Thus, the metal will not oxidize and the diamonds will be safe. If you need packing services near Atlanta, choose a reliable company with a good reputation for storing jewelry. 

Clean jewelry before storing

Before you store jewelry in the storage unit, make sure it’s clean. Remnants of perfume, sweat, or anything else can damage jewelry over time. Even just wearing jewelry in places with high humidity, can leave traces. Such is the case in Georgia during the summer months, due to the nearness of the warm Gulf and Caribbean Sea. Moisture can make it tarnish and lose its shine, and you can prevent it with a simple cleaning procedure. All you need is warm soapy water, a gentle toothbrush, and a soft microfibre cloth. Soak it in warm water for a short time to soak up the dirt deposits. And then gently scrape out the corners and folds with a brush. Finally, wipe it with a clean soft cloth, and let it dry.

Though, some metals, like silver, require additional polishing with special cleaning products to restore their luster. If you are not sure which one to buy, or you own an expensive piece and don’t want to risk it, consult a jeweler. He will suggest the best jewelry cleaning product that suits your jewelry.

Diamond ring in jewelry box ready for storing in a Norcross storage unit
Store jewelry in a Norcross storage unit after cleaning and sorting it.

Invest in quality boxes before you store jewelry in Norcross storage

Don’t fall for the general idea that any box is good for storing jewelry. For instance, plastic boxes can trap moisture inside which is exactly what jewelry boxes should prevent. Besides, chemicals from plastics can also have a bad effect on precious metals and jewels. And what kind of boxes are best for that purpose? There are different quality jewelry boxes on the market, and they all have one thing in common: they are made of natural materials. The exterior of the box should primarily provide protection, preferably made of light metal, cardboard, leather, glass, or wood. As for the interior, opt for natural materials such as cotton, velvet, leather, wool, and silk. They are gentle, don’t retain moisture, and don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Jewelry stored in high-quality boxes in storage in Norcross GA is protected from both the elements and mechanical damage. And for complete protection and safety choose a climate-controlled unit with 24/7 monitoring.

Common mistakes 

In order for your jewelry to remain in good condition for a long time and retain its best features, you must handle it well. It implies proper storage, as well as regular maintenance. What are the most common mistakes people make when it comes to storing jewelry? 

Don't store jewelry in a Norcross storage unit before you untangle it.
Take good care of your jewelry to extend its life and preserve its best features.
  • Using aggressive cleaning agents can seriously damage your pieces. In addition, they can stuck and dry in cracks, which looks bad and can dim the brightness and shine of fine metal surfaces and gems.
  • Most people usually take off their jewelry and throw it all together in a bowl or box. Not only will the jewelry tangle this way but friction and scratching will also occur.
  • Cleaning jewelry is something that many people forget or put off. Sweat, perfume, cosmetic products, and make-up stay on jewelry. And if you don’t clean it over time, the chemicals from these products can damage jewelry.
  • Always take off your jewelry when swimming or bathing. Hard water, chlorine in tap water, and saltwater are the enemies of your jewelry. This can make joints and mating parts of jewelry fray and separate. 
  • Skipping appraisal and insurance is quite common, and many people regret it later. In case of jewelry loss or theft, the insurance policy will cover your losses. An appraisal can cost between $50 and $150, and you will almost certainly get a discount for larger quantities.

What to pay attention to when you store jewelry in a Norcross storage unit

Always keep in mind when you store jewelry in a Norcross storage unit, it must be dry with a temperature that does not oscillate. Also, if you opt for supreme jewelry boxes, you’ll secure the best conditions for storing your jewelry. Consult our local movers near Atlanta, and discuss your jewelry storage requirements. Our professional services and storage solutions are sure to meet your needs.


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