How to survive moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody around holidays

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Moving during the holidays can be a particularly stressful situation. Everyone around us is in a rush to prepare for the holidays and festivities, while retail stores and service providers often don’t work around that time. If you decide to move during this period, you’ll definitely experience some drawbacks and obstacles. However, it is not an impossible task at all. With the right planning and organization, you’ll get through moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody around holidays with ease. We at Safari Movers Atlanta have had our fair share of holiday season relocations, so we’ll help you navigate this process as much as we can in this article.

The distance between Brookhaven and Dunwoody won’t be a problem 

Thankfully, moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody around holidays will be made easy as the distance between the two cities is only 5.6 miles. Both cities are located in DeKalb County. It’s a short drive and that is a great thing! Having a short distance between the two homes makes moving so much easier. You don’t have to spend hours driving and take up one or more whole days to complete it.

Instead, you can start unpacking only a few minutes after you loaded all your boxes into the moving truck! Your local movers Atlanta also won’t be exhausted by the ride, so the unloading and unpacking will be completed in a swift fashion. Even if the weather conditions are bad, such a short distance won’t be a problem at all.

Christmas decoration
Do everything you can to ensure you and your family still feel the holiday spirit, in spite of your relocation

Be prepared for bad weather

Even though Brookhaven and Dunwoody don’t have many snowy days, be sure to check the weather report for the week of your move. On average, 0.71″ (18mm) of snow accumulates during each winter month. That’s not a lot at all, so the driving won’t be affected as much. However, you should expect and prepare for rainy days.

During December in Dunwoody, the rain falls for 14.4 days and regularly aggregates up to 3.86″ (98mm) of precipitation. That doesn’t have to be a problem, just make sure you hire reliable residential movers Atlanta GA provides. You want movers with plenty of experience enabling you to relocate. A good moving company has good and reliable drivers! It is exactly during the transportation stage when a lot of damage to your stuff can occur!

Highway from Brookhaven to Dunwoody around holidays
Be sure to get prepared for any weather conditions when moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody around holidays

Take some time to explore your new neighborhood before you move

This is another benefit of the short distance between Brookhaven and Dunwoody. You can sit in your car and go to Dunwoody in a few minutes. The holiday season provides a great opportunity for you to explore it a bit before your move. Many people don’t work during the holidays, so the streets might be emptier around that time. At least during certain parts of the day when people running around doing their Christmas shopping!

If you are one of those people who has more spare time during the holidays, use some of it this way. It will make your relocation and settling in much easier. You’d already know where are the most important places for your day-to-day located. Dunwoody is a medium-sized town (49,356 residents compared to Brookhaven’s 55,366), so you won’t need too much time to explore it. 

Bonus tip: If you are relocating to Dunwoody with your family, take some time to go out and get to know your new town together with them. Since it’s the holidays and you’re moving during this time, getting to know Dunwoody as a family can be a great bonding experience. Especially if you have small kids! They might feel worried or unsettled since their Christmas will be much different than before. Christmas is probably the holiday children look forward to the most. In order to help them settle and realize they’ll have a great Christmas this year too, be sure to spend some extra time with them. They’ll greatly appreciate it! 

Find the right home in Dunwoody before the holiday season

The holiday season can be a bad period for house hunting. There are fewer real-estate agents available and the prices may jump during this period. That’s why you should complete this part of the process as soon as possible. The price differences between Brookhaven and Dunwoody in terms of housing are not so big. The average home price in Brookhaven is $697,712 while it’s $629,503 in Dunwoody. 

Suburb home in Dunwoody
The housing market during the holiday season can be a bit tricky to navigate, so try and find your new home before the holiday frenzy begins

When it comes to renting, it’s $1,818 in Brookhaven and $1,788 in Dunwoody. As you can see, the differences are minimal. Around the holidays you may see these prices slightly go up, so find your new home enough time in advance to avoid all that. Once you’re done with that, all that’s left is to pack and find movers in Brookhaven GA to help you relocate.

Be very strict with your budget when moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody around holidays

Moving during the holiday season can be a real problem for your budget! A lot of unexpected expenses may come up, on top of the fact that some services may also be more expensive during this period. Make sure to really factor in all the details when setting up your moving budget. Any small deviation from your plan may create problems for you down the line. Luckily, the holiday season is a time when there aren’t a lot of relocations going on! In fact, most movers Dunwoody GA are thrilled whenever they get a call during this time period. So much so that they may offer holiday discounts in order to attract customers. This is one of the upsides of moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody around holidays!

Person calculating the cost of moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody during holidays
Make sure you create a solid budget plan and stick to it!

Start organizing and packing enough time in advance 

Moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody around the holidays can be quite hectic! Make sure you start early with your planning and packing. On top of those things, you’d have to think about all the holiday-related activities, so you may start feeling burnt out. That’s not something you want to happen at this time of year! You should start your packing maybe a whole month before the moving date. Try and make it fun, and involve all your other family members. If you do it together with enough time to complete it, you can turn it into a bonding activity. Enjoying spending time with your family, even when doing mundane and boring things, is what the Christmas spirit is all about! 

Also, make sure you transfer your utilities at least two weeks before the moving date. You don’t want to come to your new home and figure out later it has no power, gas, or water! Notify your current utility providers of your move, and get a meter reading so your final bill is accurate. At the same time, before the move find new utility providers and set them up to start the day you move in. 

Organize a family gathering when moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody around holidays

Just because you are moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody around holidays, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate them! On the contrary, that’s something that you simply must do, regardless of your relocation. Since you’ll be dealing with the stress of moving, enjoying the holidays with your family is imperative. However, since your home would probably be either a bit messy or half-empty, make sure you organize a family gathering away from your home. 

Family dinner
Just because you are moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody during the holidays, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy a Christmas dinner with your family!

Your family should still get together, but this time not at your house. Instead, check with your relatives who should be the host this year. Maintaining the holiday spirit, traditions and the importance of family is what it’s all about. You will also feel rejuvenated from all the packing and organizing, so your upcoming move will be much smoother.

Leave some holiday decorations up before moving to Dunwoody

Since you’re moving from Brookhaven to Dunwoody around holidays, your home will probably look a bit empty. As you continue to pack and wrap that process up, you’ll have fewer and fewer things around that make your home feel like home. To maintain the holiday spirit even in that case, don’t pack all of your holiday decorations just yet! Having a few Christmas decorations and lights around will remind all of you that this magical period of the year has finally arrived. Once you move to your new home, then you can take the remaining decorations to your storage Norcross GA unit. Many people look forward to the holidays because they are the highlight of their year. Understandably so! Great food, a giving spirit, and all of your closest ones under one roof. It doesn’t get any better than that! 


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