Moving to Atlanta: 5 things you need to know

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Are you considering moving to Atlanta soon? Whether you’re looking for a new place to live, a new job, or just a change of scenery, there are a number of reasons why you might want to relocate. Whatever the case may be, you should be aware of the many advantages Atlanta offers. It has a wide range of attractions for all ages, just like any major metropolis. Attractions ranging from theme parks and shopping to restaurants and nightlife can be found throughout Atlanta. Before you arrive, it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the area. You’ll need to get ready before you leave. We also suggest that you contact a few movers Atlanta area and start comparing moving quotes. When moving to Atlanta, here are some things to keep in mind.

5 things you need to know before moving to Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia’s capital city, is a cultural and economic center of the country. The Atlanta metropolitan region has a population of about 5.7 million people, making it the ninth-largest region in the US. The city has many nicknames as well. When the city was created in 1937, it was known as The Dogwood City, then after a while, it got the nickname The Big A. And finally Hotlanta. The last one is pretty self-explanatory. Furthermore, it is the only American city that has been completely destroyed as a consequence of military war. There was an outbreak of the Civil War. As a consequence, the phoenix has become the city’s symbol. Nowadays, the city doesn’t have that many troubles. Here are 5 things you will need to get used to when moving to Atlanta.

Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta is one of the fastest developing southern cities in the US.

1. Southern culture

Atlanta, despite its modernity and cosmopolitanism, hasn’t forgotten its Southern roots. “Over yonder,” and “bless your heart” are just a few examples of common southern idioms. In the heart of the Deep South, the traditions of warmth and generosity still thrive. Introducing yourself to people you don’t know is perfectly acceptable. It’s normal for people to be amused by someone standing in line to chat with the cashier.

Atlanta, on the other hand, isn’t your typical southern town. As a result of the influx of newcomers to Atlanta, the city has developed a unique blend of cultures. More than half of its residents are from Latin America (particularly Mexico and Central America). Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, so the city has close ties to the African-American community and rich history of civil rights activism. With so many African Americans in positions of authority, the city has even earned the moniker “black mecca”.

2. You’ll need to get used to heavy traffic

As there are no mountains, rivers, or coastlines in the immediate area, Atlanta can grow as much as it wants without restriction. As a result, expect long commutes and heavy traffic if you live in a large city. The 26-mile roundtrip commute to work in Atlanta is the most expensive in the country. During rush hour, expect to be stuck in traffic and to move slowly the rest of the day. It will take 45 minutes to get across town, and it will take longer to get to the suburbs. So if you want to save some time on your moving day, feel free to hire packing services Atlanta and get them packed and moved by professionals.

heavy traffic
If you’re moving to Atlanta, you can expect to sit in traffic for a bit longer.

3. Your way of life will be shaped by your surroundings

As in any large city, some neighborhoods are more desirable than others. Be aware that where you choose to live in Atlanta will have a significant impact on your way of life. City living is defined by the Interstate 285 highway that runs around it. Most of Atlanta’s big-city attractions can be found within I-285, as well as much more expensive real estate. Houses with large yards and excellent school districts predominate outside I-285. Many long-time residents of Atlanta were born and raised in the city before relocating to the suburbs to start families. And recently we’re seeing more and more people flocking out of the big cities.

4. ‘The Hotlanta Nightlife’

The live music scene in Atlanta is one of the best out there. Moreover, there are many famous pubs and bars in the city. There’s The Tabernacle for well-known rap, rock, or R&B bands. The Fox Theatre hosts a wide range of performers from live music to comedy acts. Eddie’s Attic not only provides an excellent venue for poets and singer-songwriters, but it also serves excellent food. And maybe our favorite, The Masquerade, is a venue with a distinct aesthetic that you have to visit the first day you step your foot in Atlanta.

a concert in Atlanta
Many of the best live concerts in history were right here in Atlanta.

And maybe another one of the classics: The Red Phone Booth, a secret speakeasy where you enter by dialing a secret code in an antique London phone booth, is for sale. There are still many retro arcades with games dating back to the 1970s  at Joystick Gamebar. There are also quite a few karaoke bars residents adore. If you’re moving to a smaller apartment and you’re worried you won’t have much space, storage services Atlanta has some excellent solutions for you.

5. Excellent System of Education

Families moving to Atlanta are understandably concerned about the quality of the schools in the area. The good news is that Atlanta’s public school systems are world-class. Atlanta schools topped Niche’s list of the best public schools in the United States in 2015. Fewer students to teachers than the national average of 16 students to one teacher. There are schools of all kinds throughout the area, both inside and outside its borders. There are also charter schools in some suburbs like Marietta.

We hope this post has given you an idea of what to expect when moving to Atlanta and sparked your interest in learning more about the place. Atlanta is a fascinating and diverse city. While moving to Atlanta, you’ll benefit from having a good deal of knowledge and preparation. If you wish for a smooth relocation, feel free to contact local movers Atlanta who will make this transition way easier for you.



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