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Planning a move, but you haven’t yet decided where to? We suggest taking a look at Smyrna. This is a relatively small suburb, free of noise and heavy traffic. With the help of movers and packers Atlanta, you too can enjoy the peace this suburb offers. On the other hand, Smyrna has been popular in recent years, making it a perfect target for new-coming families. Truth be told, there are many reasons to move and live in Smyrna GA. If you’re still unsure where to relocate, let’s go through some of the main reasons why Smyrna GA might be perfect for you.

Smyrna offers safe surroundings, perfect for families with kids

With its low crime rates, Smyrna offers nice and safe neighborhoods, perfect for families with children. This has been a decision-making reason to move and live in Smyrna GA for many families. You, too, can set aside worries and enjoy your comfortable life. If you are planning on settling in this snug suburb, you can arrange with movers Smyrna GA and relocate to many welcoming neighborhoods. Some of the most popular neighborhoods are:

  • Forest Hills – Famous for its many attractions, like swimming pool, tennis courts, as well as Smyrna Market Village
  • Barnes Mill Subdivision – Has a welcoming and accepting community. This neighborhood is also close to many hiking trails
  • Ennisbrook – Offers newcomers homes with secluded and private backyards. This neighborhood also has a rich choice of restaurants
  • Vinings Estates – This neighborhood has large homesites snug in rolling hills and wooded terrain
A family in the park
The low crime rate is among the main reasons to move and live in Smyrna GA

Rich choice of high-quality schools is one of the main reasons to move and live in Smyrna GA

With its rich choice of educational institutions, Smyrna has attracted a lot of people. Apart from being safe, this suburb will also provide you with top-notch schools. Smyrna has many options, both private and public, for all ages. This rich choice of schools is one of the main reasons to move and live in Smyrna GA. If you’re planning on putting down some roots, with the assistance of local movers Atlanta, your kids can go to some of the best schools in Georgia.

Apart from great schools, Smyrna also offers a lot of family-friendly activities. There are plenty of trails and green areas, perfect for cycling, hiking, flying kites, and enjoying nature. One of the most famous is Silver Comet Trail. This is a long track that goes from Smyrna all the way to the Alabama state line. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy nature somewhere closer to civilization, there’s always Taylor-Brawner Park. This 10-acre park offers many playgrounds and trails. Here you can also find the Taylor-Brawner House and Brawner Hall, two restored historical buildings.

A hallway in a good school, which is one of the main reasons to move and live in Smyrna GA
Smyrna GA has a good choice of respectable schools

Smyrna is a town with a rich history

Even with everything mentioned above, Smyrna is still a town full of attractions and opportunities. Smyrna’s rich history and historical attractions are good reasons to move and live in Smyrna GA. We’ve already talked about the Taylor-Brawner House and Brawner Hall, two historical attractions in Taylor-Brawner Park. However, did you know that you can rent these houses for special events? This will make all your special celebrations that much more memorable.  Another exciting fact about Smyrna is that during the Civil war, two of the battles happened here. The town is covered in many monuments and plaques, detailing the events of the battles. For a better cultural experience, you can also visit the Smyrna History Museum.

Smyrna offers many employment opportunities

If you need more reasons to move and live in Smyrna GA, then great job opportunities might seal the deal for you. For a silent and comfortable town, Smyrna has some surprising big-name employers. Some of the most popular is IBM, which has a commercial location here, and UCB (Union Chimique Belge), a large international biopharmaceutical company. These, and other attractive employers, help Smyrna maintain its lower-than-average unemployment rate. There are many young professionals here, meaning the job market will only increase. Future job growth over the next decade is predicted to be 46.1% (a whopping 12.6% higher than the national average).

In Smyrna, GA, the cost of living is on the lower side but rising

Not long ago, Smyrna was a small, secluded town with a small population. However, after people have realized just how good this place is, the population has been on the rise. The unfortunate consequence of this is that the living costs have also been on the rise. In no more than a year, the house prices have gotten up by a dizzying 10%. So, if you’re planning on joining this wonderful community, we suggest you do it fast. For many, discarding junk before a move is the main reason why their relocation takes long. We suggest that you contact junk removal Atlanta GA to finish your move as fast as you can. The housing market is expected to rise even more as there is a great demand for homes in Smyrna.

A house with a garden
Housing prices are lower than average but are expected to rise soon


Smyrna is a small suburb near Atlanta that has attracted many people over the years. And it’s no wonder why the population number is on the rise. Smyrna offers welcoming and safe neighborhoods, perfect for raising children. The great choice of schools has also made Smyrna a target for newcomers. If you’re looking for more reasons to move and live in Smyrna GA, the historical background and closeness to nature are deal-makers for many. Smyrna is also very proud of its enjoyable and warm year-round weather. Smyrna has to offer an unexpectedly vast job market for individuals seeking employment. We hope this list has helped you make up your mind. Good luck with the house move!



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