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As a reputable company, Safari Movers Atlanta has been providing people from Atlanta with premium services for years. Seeing the smile on our client’s faces at the end of the relocation is what gives us the force to continue doing our job the best we can. We believe that all our customers deserve to have a stress-free and smooth move. You know that we will do all it takes to make your residential move easy for you and your family. Therefore, give us a call and secure one of the best residential movers Atlanta GA has to offer.

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No one can help you relocate your home like residential movers Atlanta GA respects the most.

Simplify your move by reaching out to one of the most reputable residential movers Atlanta has

Residential moves can be a huge source of stress. This is all because of the fact that you are leaving the space where you feel comfortable for a completely new one. Adding on top of this moving tasks can be a bit too much. Therefore, you can benefit a lot from getting a reliable moving partner that will help you with the entire process. Our Atlanta residential movers Atlanta can help you have a seamless transition to your new place. Our movers have been trained by us; therefore we can assure you that they will take great care of you and your items. We have helped many families move their homes successfully, and we can help you too. No matter if you live in a one-story or two-story house, we have the necessary equipment to move everything safely.

No one can help you better when moving locally than our residential movers in Atlanta GA. Our movers know the area by heart, which makes it simple for them to navigate the streets. Your items will be delivered to your new address in record time.

One of the finest residential moving companies Atlanta GA has can provide you with more than just residential moving services

When we created our residential moving company in Atlanta GA we decided that there is a need for more than simple moving services. Anyone can load a truck, but not many know how to handle different moving situations. Here is what kind of services besides residential, you can expect to get from us:

We can customize our services according to your relocation, and your specific needs. From the moment we provide you with a moving plan, we will assign you a moving coordinator that will be there for you throughout the relocation. We will make sure everything goes smoothly and that you feel relaxed.

Moreover, we will provide you with a free moving estimate from the start. You will be given a detailed price breakdown, this will allow you to create your moving budget. There is nothing to worry about, no matter how high or low your budget might be we can adjust our services in order to find the best solution for you. Therefore, feel free to contact our business to get more information.

We can pack your entire home in a blink of an eye

Even when moving locally you need to make sure that your items a properly packed and secured. If you are not great at packing, or you just don’t have time, we suggest you opt for our packing services. We have some of the best packing experts on our team. We can pack your household just in a couple of hours. You will not have to do anything; we can take care even of the most fragile items. The good news is that we will arrive equipped; therefore there is no need for you to look for packing supplies.

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Don’t waste your time packing, our professional packers can take care of this for you.

Safari Movers can take care of your unwanted items

Often when moving people want to downsize and get rid of certain items. In order to make your move even simpler, we have gone a step further and added junk removal services to our offer. There is no need to look for a company to safely dispose of your unwanted items; we can do that for you! Whether you want to get rid of only a few items, or you want to clear several rooms in your house our professional can help you.

Our professionals are trained for this type of service, they know their job perfectly.

One thing you should know is that there are certain items that we cannot handle, like hazardous items. Give us a call and we will provide you with a list of items we cannot remove due to safety reasons.

Safe and secure storage units are at your disposal

After you got rid of some stuff if you still have some items that you don’t want to move to your new home in Atlanta, Georgia, but you still want to keep consider renting our storage units. Safari Movers offer flexible storage services, you can keep your items for as long as you want. We have different sizes of units, which makes it perfect for storing belongings of various sizes.

We keep our units clean at all times. Since we monitor our facility you can rest assured that all your belongings are safe. Moreover, our staff can help you choose the perfect unit for your items. You are more than welcome to ask questions if you need some more information on our storage services.

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Safari Movers can make your residential move in Atlanta a breeze.

Contact residential movers Atlanta GA trusts the most

As a licensed and insured residential moving company from Atlanta, we can assure you that your items will be safe with us. We have years of experience in residential relocations. With one of the best residential movers Atlanta GA trusts the most you will have a serene move. We can take care of everything. You can relax and watch our movers work their magic. Forget about the moving stress and worries and contact Safari Movers Atlanta. We are the moving solution you are looking for! Contact us today and let’s get moving!



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It was the polar opposite of every other moving experience I'd ever had. Reliable, friendly, everything appears to be in great shape, and the price was affordable. Moving is generally stressful, but not with these guys.

Andy Robins

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