Residential moves vs commercial moves – what’s the difference?

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Moving is an art of its own. It is a big event in a person’s life and it brings a very specific set of emotions. From the excitement for the new beginning to the sadness for all the people and places, you loved to be overwhelmed because you will have to handle a lot. If you never moved before, there are some terms that can be confusing to you. We want to help you understand the difference when it comes to residential moves vs commercial moves. In every case, we strongly advise you to hire the best commercial movers Atlanta you can find to help you with your relocation.

Why is it so smart move to hire experienced professionals to help you during relocation?

If you were wondering if you can handle relocation all by yourself, the sincere answer is: probably yes. But we have to be honest and tell you that this can be a real challenge. You will have to make a ton of decisions and finish many different tasks. All that while you continue to work and finish all family obligations. So having help from someone who is skillful will make your life easier. And if you are not moving far from where you live now, look for residential movers Atlanta GA.

two movers holding a couch
It is smart to hire experienced movers to help you relocate

You should also know that there are so many different services you can choose from. You can even ask the company you hire to add some of those that are specific to your unique situation. If you have heavy and bulky pieces of furniture, it would be smart to look for some furniture movers Atlanta. To them, moving heavy items will be a piece of cake since they have specific equipment and skillful stuff. When you imagine how hard handling those pieces can be for you, it is obvious how valuable professional help will be.

Residential moves vs commercial moves: what are the key differences?

Of course, you will have to plan your move well whether you are about to hire local movers Atlanta or some other kind of movers. It doesn’t matter if you have six months to plan your relocation or less, it is a great thing to start it today. So sit down and write all the things you will have to do. Even if there are some things you still have to figure out like residential movers vs commercial movers – make the list. Having it all on paper will calm you down because you’ll be able to understand that you can figure it all out for sure.

Man packing and thinking about residential moves vs commercial moves
There are differences when it comes to residential moves vs commercial moves, and you should know them

Residential move

Residential and commercial moves have the same process in the essence, but there are some differences. The term residential relocation asks for just a few people and you will be charged for unpacking so you can do it at the pace that works best for you. But if you don’t want to do that on your own, you can ask for a packing services Atlanta based company. They will charge you extra for that service, but that can save you a lot of time.

When it comes to residential movers, the challenge can be moving fragile things like antique furniture, some glass pieces, and instruments undamaged. If you have some items like that, it would be smart to hire an experienced company to deal with them. That way you’ll be sure that everything will come to your new place undamaged and you’ll be able to focus on other stuff you have to accomplish.

Commercial move

When it comes to relocating a business, is a more complicated procedure than relocating a home. That’s why there is a specialist who knows to do it in the best possible. This is true whether you have a small shop or a large corporation. Moving business has to be super fast and precise without mistakes that could damage your productivity. Office furniture, lighting, and IT equipment should be already installed before the moment you and your employees move in.

Moving large pieces of machinery, computers and other sensitive equipment can be tricky, too. Some of those items have to be in certain conditions at all times. That is the reason why they need to be moved with special care. Experienced movers will know that and will take extra care when they come in touch with things like that. Also, they will coordinate it all with the property manager. You will even need packing services Atlanta.  That will assure you that your moving is risk-free which will bring minimized stress.

Avoid amateurs when you hire a moving company

Moving is a thing we do from time to time. Some people move more often, and other once do that once or twice in a lifetime. Whether you belong to the first or the second category, you should do all you can to do it without mistakes that could provide additional problems in your life. The same applies to moving your home and your office. So when you are about to hire movers, try to look for experienced ones. There is a great variety of different companies in the moving market. But there are also some amateurs that won’t be able to do everything they promise.

Avoid amateurs when you hire a moving company.

Residential moves vs commercial moves: find the best ones for your relocation

It is important to take some time for research before you decide who will you hire. Do a little research. Go to the websites of the companies. Read for how long they operate, what kind of equipment they use, and if they have skillful team members. It is okay to be picky. Don’t skip reading testimonials that other people have left. Because they can change your opinion. Also, have in mind that the price doesn’t promise the best quality. Don’t sign the deal before you get estimates from at least three different moving companies in Atlanta, Georgia based. And once you decide, lean on them to help you with everything you need. Ask them anything that you don’t understand, even what is the difference between residential moves vs commercial moves.


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