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While Atlanta might seem attractive to single people, if you’re moving with family, the suburbs are the right place for you. Suburbs have great school choices, fun and diverse family activities, and low crime rates. Also, living in the suburbs is much more affordable than living in the city center, especially for families. With the help of movers Atlanta area, your move to the suburbs will be over before you notice it. However, not all residential areas are equally well suited for families. To help you find your perfect home, here are some top Atlanta suburbs for families.

You will be safe and sound in Dunwoody

Dunwoody is one of the safest suburbs in all of Atlanta. With its low crime rates, it’s one of the top Atlanta suburbs for families with little children. In Dunwoody, there is also a great choice of respectable schools. On the other hand, there is a drawback to the popularity of these educational institutions. More often than not, the schools here are crowded so it’s harder to secure a place for your child. The cost of living is also a bit higher than in the other suburbs. Another drawback to Dunwoody is the high demand for housing. On the other hand, though, with careful planning and the help of movers Dunwoody GA, you can easily find yourself a perfect family home.

A man and a child in front of a house
Dunwoody has low crime rates, making it one of the top Atlanta suburbs for families

Dunwoody is also famous for its refinement. It is a city of art and culture with many murals, public arts, and statues everywhere. This suburb is also famous for its ‘fairytale forest’ right inside the Dunwoody. It’s a perfect place to take your children to have fun on tree swings and hammocks. There are also many annual festivals, like Apple Cider Days and Lemon Days, offering carnival rides, games, and other family fun.

Duluth ranks highly among the top Atlanta suburbs for families

Another great suburb, rich with exceptional schools, is Duluth. Here you can find a lot of elementary and high schools, so finding just the right spot for your children won’t be a problem. Also, there are quite a few popular private schools here as well. All this makes Duluth one of the top Atlanta suburbs for families. Finding a place to live is also easier than in the other suburbs since the demand is a bit lower. With residential movers Atlanta GA, you’ll be in your new home in no time.

Children in a school
Duluth has a great choice of respectable schools

Aside from schools, Duluth offers great entertainment options. From eight-day long festivals in late spring to summer-long food festival Fridays-N-Duluth, there are many options. Some of the other popular events are:

  • Grandma’s Marathon
  • Duluth Homegrown Music Festival
  • John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon
  • Park Point Art Fair

Other than that, Duluth is covered with interesting boutiques and shopping malls. For history enthusiasts, Duluth is proud to present its historic downtown area.

The best family-friendly activities are in Johns Creek

Another one of the top Atlanta suburbs for families is Johns Creek, hands down. It has a proud and accepting community, and Johns Creek has lower crime rates than the average suburb. While there aren’t as many schools as in Duluth or Dunwoody, the ones you can find here are one of the best. The schools here are proud of their graduation rate, which is over 90%. Johns Creek has many festivals, like Taste of Johns Creek, which lasts throughout the fall. Golf enjoyers will quickly fall in love with Johns Creek thanks to its six golf courses.

A man and a child at a festival, in one of the top Atlanta suburbs for families
Johns Creek has some amazing family-friendly festivals

If you’re looking for the top Atlanta suburbs for families, don’t skip on Alpharetta

Alpharetta has a great sense of community that makes other suburbs envious. You will easily settle in here. There’s a big chance that, while movers Alpharetta GA are unloading your items, you’ll already be friends with your neighbors. Alpharetta is also famous for its top-notch schools, and the crime rates are much lower than average, making it one of the top Atlanta suburbs for families. Also, Alpharetta offers excellent restaurant choices, meaning that you won’t have to drive all the way to the city to have a good meal. Some people even come to Alpharetta from neighboring suburbs to have a date night or a casual eat-out.

For the grown-ups, Alpharetta has a vast choice of craft beers. With Currahee Brewing and Jekyll Brewing, you’ll be sure to find a beer to enjoy. Downtown Alpharetta is also a must-visit place, offering fun at many stores, locally-owned restaurants, and cocktails bars. Enjoy your stay at the heart of downtown Alpharetta with live music and a festive community.

Roswell makes living affordable

Among many other attributes this suburb might have, the low cost of living is maybe the most popular. However, that doesn’t mean that Roswell shouldn’t be among the top Atlanta suburbs for families. Far from it. It’s quite easy to find a place to live and move to Roswell, especially with the help of movers Roswell GA. The community, while large, will still create a homey vibe for you. There are many fun activities here as well. One of the most famous is the large Historic District which has three smaller museums in it. You’ll quickly see just how proud Roswell is of its 19th-century roots. Aside from that, there are many open green areas, perfect for hiking and cycling.

There are other points of interest in Roswell, making this suburb vibrant and exciting. You can check out Old Mill Park and learn about its rich history. Aside from the historical wonders, there is something for nature enthusiasts as well. Chattahoochee Nature Center is a national treasure, spanning a little under 130 acres, consisting of forest land, wetland, and river habitats. You can meet the diverse fauna and flora here and enjoy the scenic hiking trails. And after all that exciting discoveries, how better to relax than with a mug of beer at Gate City Brewing Company.

A photo of the suburbs
Roswell is among the top Atlanta suburbs for families, mostly for its low living cost

Buckhead, with its unique vibes, is among the top Atlanta suburbs for families

Buckhead is a great place to move to with a family for many reasons. There are many neighborhoods to choose from here, all with something unique. From scenic and calm to busy and active, the diverse neighborhoods in Buckhead make it one of the top Atlanta suburbs for families. With the help of furniture movers Atlanta, you’ll easily find a perfect home, and surroundings, for your family.

There are many events in gardens, museums, and exhibitions to enjoy, such as:

  • Party with the past – Explore the hidden history and enchanting historical sites and meet new friends in Buckhead
  • History After Hours: Thursday Night Fever – Dance under the glory of a disco ball that popularised culture hits of the 70s
  • Toddler Storytime: Falling for Fall – Great fun and educational event dedicated to small children

Other great sources of family-friendly activities are in Chastain Park, where you can spend the afternoon at the playground, enjoy a concert or go for a round of golf. Buckhead is also littered with high-quality restaurants with excellent Italian and Mediterranean food.

Suwanee might be a little further from the city, but it has all you might need

Suwanee is one of those perfect small suburbs with low crime rates, and the community is friendly to newcomers. This suburb is a bit far away from the city and other suburbs, but if you’re looking for a safe haven, this is the place for you. It has great private and public educational institutions, and the crime rate is one of the lowest among all the suburbs. Other things that make Suwanee one of the top Atlanta suburbs for families are the abundance of shops and restaurants, meaning that you will rarely need to go to the city.

A family in the park
Suwanee has a lot of green areas, perfect for the whole family

Suwanne is also proud of its family-friendly activities. Recently, five more parks have been added to this suburb, making it one with the highest number of green areas. It is safe to say that the kids will love their time in the open, flying kites, playing, and riding bikes. With the help of local movers Atlanta, you too can enjoy the fresh air of Suwanee in no time. Suwanee also has a great number of events happening constantly. Some of them are:

  • Food truck Fridays
  • Movies under the stars
  • Broadway in the park
  • Taste of BBQ & Music Fest

Sandy Springs is quickly rising to be among the top Atlanta suburbs for families

This suburb is expanding quickly, making it a hot spot for newcomers, and it’s no wonder why. Movers Sandy Springs GA have their hands filled with work as the number of families moving to this suburb is rising. If you are looking for a place where the crime rate is low, most of the residents are employed, and where the cost of living isn’t unreasonably high, then Sandy Springs might be the place for you.

Living in Sandy Springs will tell you just how unique this place really is. This suburb has a mixed urban-suburban setting, meaning there’s something for everyone. Sandy Springs also has a large choice of restaurants, coffee shops, and food shops, minimizing your need to visit the city. There are also many green areas and parks, perfect for families with little kids.

In Woodstock, you’ll get a big bank for your buck

Woodstock is constantly among the top Atlanta suburbs for families for many reasons. The most popular reason families with kids flock to this suburb is due to its high-quality schools. Packing services Atlanta will safely and efficiently perform your transit, so you will settle in quickly. One drawback to Woodstock is the higher than average cost of living. However, if that isn’t the issue, then Woodstock might be the place for you.

Woodstock is famous for its extracurricular activities. There are many vintage shops as well as modern malls here, bringing a unique touch to the shopping aspect of this suburb. There are also many festivals and concerts here, ensuring there’s always something new to check out and do in Woodstock. On the other hand, there are many mountain bike trails, hiking trails, and parks for nature enthusiasts.

A woman and a child on a hike trail, which makes this one of the top Atlanta suburbs for families
Enjoy Woodstock’s Hiking trails

Old Fourth Ward offers a unique mix of industrial and urban architecture

This suburb offers the wildest diversity of places to live. From bungalows to contemporary condos, you can find all kinds of houses made in all kinds of architecture – from industrial to urban. Another great positive side to Old Fourth Ward, which makes this one of the top Atlanta suburbs for families, is a large number of high-quality and approachable schools. Old Fourth Ward is known for its rich choice of restaurants and food shops. You can practically find anything here.

Old Fourth Ward is a suburb with rich history, best depicted in Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park. This historical park attracts great numbers of tourists and visitors, both national and international. The main places of interest here are:

  • “I Have A Dream” World Peace Rose Garden
  • Birth Home
  • The King Center
  • Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church

As for gourmands, Old Fourth Ward has you covered. Explore the vast Ponce City Market with its rich and vast food hall. Don’t miss out on the famous once named ‘best new restaurant in America’, Staplehouse. As for the little ones, Fourth Ward Skate Park offers a great source of fun with rollerblades, skateboards, and scooters.


When moving to Atlanta with a family, many people decide to move to the suburbs. There are many reasons behind this decision, mostly for lower living costs, but also for a better choice of schools and family-friendly activities. However, choosing the right suburb for your family can sometimes be tough, thanks to hundreds of factors that need to be taken into account. We hope this list has helped you search through the top Atlanta suburbs for families and choose the right neighborhood for you.


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