Unusual things to do in Marietta after relocation

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If you have recently moved to Marietta, you have made the right choice! Smaller cities have a certain charm. This city has so many enjoyable activities and fascinating locations that you’ll probably feel at home straight away. It is a city close to Atlanta that is well-known for its contemporary lifestyle and culture. It is one of Georgia’s most significant cities in terms of both history and economy. Marietta is home to numerous museums, cemeteries, and theaters. The residents of Marietta are very friendly and will make you feel at home in no time! As you are probably impatient to start exploring your new environment and adjusting to it, it would be best to leave the job of relocating the rest of your stuff to the professional North Georgia movers. Let’s find out what are some of the most unusual things to do in Marietta.

Explore Marietta after relocation

Marietta offers lots of entertaining things to do to relieve stress after the relocation. If you hire professional movers Marietta GA to make this process easier, you will have more time for getting to know the new residence. This peaceful city offers easy access to Atlanta, excellent schools, and a nice yet reasonably-priced way of life.

people looking for unusual things to do in Marietta on the city map
There are lots of entertaining and unusual things to do In Marietta to relieve stress after the relocation.

The following list will provide you with a brief overview of the lovely city of Marietta. You can learn more about its history, culture, and top attractions that make it so enjoyable to live in:

Ghosts of Marietta Tour

Joining the Ghosts of Marietta Tour is a fantastic way to get familiar with Marietta and discover its wealth of landmarks. Your guide will share the tales of some of the city’s ghosts, including Civil War troops and people from the nineteenth century, as you tour the most historic streets and graveyards. These tours take place after dark and are full of mood. They are either conducted by lantern on foot or on a vintage trolley bus. The excursions are a fantastic introduction to everything Marietta has to offer, even if you’re not convinced by stories of the paranormal.

The Big Chicken

The Big Chicken, a well-known landmark 17 meters tall and full of folksy southern charm and wit has served as an advertisement for a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant since 1956.

Unbelievably, it is claimed that when approaching to arrive at Atlanta’s international airport, pilots utilize the structure as a reference point. The Big Chicken now has a gift shop where you can buy board games and t-shirts because it has become so well-known.

Farmers Market

The Saturday morning farmers market in Marietta hosts roughly 50 different stalls every week and is open all year round.

Shoppers can sample freshly baked bread, and sip lemonade made from freshly squeezed lemons. You can bring home handcrafted soaps and honey in addition to a wide variety of veggies. They are all farmed mostly locally by small growers. The market is situated in the center of Marietta.

Since you have moved just recently, your new kitchen is probably loaded with boxes and stuff you do not know where to place until you unpack. In order to use your new kitchen to cook the fresh food that you will be tempted to buy in the farmers market, you might want to consider renting storage in Norcross GA to leave the unnecessary things there.

a woman buying fresh food
The Saturday morning farmers market in Marietta hosts roughly 50 different stalls every week and is open all year round.

Gone With the Wind Museum

The Gone With the Wind Museum is located inside the 1851-built Brumby Hall. It began as a private collection of artifacts related to the novel by Atlanta native Margaret Mitchell.

Leigh’s cream and black Bengaline honeymoon gown from the movie is among its attractions. There is also the author’s personal copy of the book. The black cast members of the movie, notably Hattie McDaniel, are also in display.

Kennesaw Mountain

Leave your heavy furniture moving for furniture Movers Atlanta and enjoy a good hike instead. With a peak summit of just over 500 meters, Kennesaw Mountain is considerably lower than Denali, the highest peak in the United States. However, because it is the highest point in the Atlanta urban area, it is a desirable option for visitors seeking views of the surrounding area. It’s also an excellent place to go if you want to take on one of the many hiking routes. You can hike around Little Kennesaw Mountain’s slopes.

Marietta Square Food Tour

The food tour brings tour participants to seven different restaurants and is centered on Marietta Square, the city’s historic core:

  • Viva Chicken Kennesaw
  • The Lawrence
  • Piastra Restaurant
  • BlaqHaus ATL
  • Taqueria Tsunami
  • Stockyard Burgers and Bones

You’ll be miles away from the Big Chicken here, which is meant to emphasize the great meals available at independently owned and operated cafes, bakeries, and grocery stores.

Each stop lasts for about three hours. It is complemented with information about the city that is only ever known by the inhabitants themselves. The meals served as part of the tour range from typical southern dishes to Colombian delicacies.

children playing on the water slide
Six Flags White Water has a total area of 280,000 square meters.

Six Flags White Water

Water parks are fun for the whole family. Toddlers are cared for with age-appropriate pools. Those with a few more years can experience the complete range of adrenaline-inducing slides. This is one of the best water parks in the whole United States. It has a total area of 280,000 square meters.

Six Flags offers a wave pool called the Atlanta Ocean. There is also a lazy river dubbed Little Hooch after the Chattahoochee River. The location of Six Flags White Water is on Marietta’s western side, around five minutes drive from the city center.

Unusual things to do in Marietta after relocation are at your footsteps

The government and people of Marietta continue to place a high priority on preserving Marietta’s outstanding quality of life while also acknowledging its significant historical ties to the past. You presumably chose it for your relocation for a number of reasons, one of which is possibly this. Visitors and locals appreciate the quaint, modern city’s history, warmth, and typical Southern charm. As there are plenty of things to do in Marietta in your free time after relocation, you will certainly be stress-free during the moving process.


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