Ways to save space while packing for a move

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Moving is a big expense, and that’s why most people worry about their finances when the time comes to change their environment. Movers and packers Atlanta can help you with the organization and detailed plan of the entire process. Read below for a couple of tips on how to save space while packing for a move.

Make a plan for moving to a new space

Moving is the right time to get rid of things you haven’t used in years. If you have decided to hire professionals from packing services Atlanta, be sure to sort things before they arrive. Sort items into 4 different categories:

  1. things you will pack and move with you
  2. things for sale,
  3. things to give or donate
  4. things to recycle or throw away
Make a good plan and save space while packing for a move
If you make a good moving plan, you are half done

Dismantling the furniture is important to save space while packing for a move

Speaking of packing, we must not forget packing and disassembling the furniture. For ease of transportation and saving space in the van, it is best to disassemble all the furniture into as many parts as possible.

It’s not such a simple job, furniture movers Atlanta can help you both with dismantling and moving. They have experience, so they will do it easily and quickly. If you plan to assemble the furniture yourself in the new apartment, pay attention to the following:

  • Mark each part in more detail, and indicate which parts connect to each other
  • Store screws and smaller accessories in separate bags and label them
  • Pack smaller pieces of furniture in one box and mark what you have packed

What you need to know about packing boxes

A good tip would be to put heavy items, like books, in small boxes; while light items, such as bedding and pillows, should be placed in larger boxes. If you are planning to hire residential movers Atlanta GA tick the right boxes so that they can be moved safely. Also, don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes; fill the gaps with wardrobe, towels, or bedding. In this way, the contents of the boxes will be much more stable during transport and you will also save space during the move.

Use packing cases

You will certainly be moving your suitcases to a new space. So smartly use them. Pack heavy items in suitcases because their wheels make them easy to move. You pack those items that are not easily transported in boxes, such as books and dishes.

A man and a woman are packing things
Save space while packing for moving by carefully packing every item

Don’t empty dresser drawers if you want to save space while packing for a move

Instead of taking clothes and laundry out of dresser drawers and packing them in boxes, simply remove the drawers from the dresser, or leave them there and secure them beforehand by wrapping the drawers in plastic wrap. If their contents are not too heavy, you can even leave the drawers in the dresser and wrap the complete dresser in foil.

Use bedding, towels, and other soft items wisely

Wrap fragile items, such as glasses, mugs, or perfume bottles, in socks, and use sheets and towels to protect fragile and heavy items such as lamps and vases. Use plastic wrap to securely wrap knives and other sharp objects in the kitchen, and don’t forget to secure them with a rubber band.

Save space while packing for a move

Although packing for moving is a difficult and tiring process, it can be easier and faster. Good organization and our tips on how to save space while packing for a move will help you pack your wardrobe and move it like a real pro!



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