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Moving day is finally over and you must be so relieved! Although the hardest part is done, you still have to unpack and settle in your new home. However, you might be wondering what to do with leftover moving boxes. No one wants to clutter their new home immediately after the relocation. Your first thought might be to throw them away, but don’t! The excess boxes after your successful move with North Georgia movers can be used in many ways. We are sharing some practical, and creative ways for you to put those leftover cardboard boxes to good use. You’ll see that tossing your boxes is the last thing you should do! 

Here are some ideas on what to do with leftover moving boxes after the move

While the uses for cardboard boxes after the move are numerous, you might be out of ideas. We’re here to help! Depending on how many excess boxes you’ve got after the move, you could:

  • hire junk removalists and get rid of both junk and boxes at the same time
  • save them for your next move if you’re relocating again soon
  • use them for storage
  • sell them
  • give the boxes to your friends or family members who are moving soon
  • use the boxes to play with your children
  • recycle them
cardboard boxes and tape
Finding uses for leftover packing materials is easy if you’re creative.

Hire a junk removal team to take care of them

If upon arrival at your new home you’ve realized that you have some things to get rid of, the leftover moving boxes will be the perfect aid. Use them to sort out the junk before the team that junk removal Norcross GA has at its disposal arrives. You can also make use of the excess boxes for sorting out the things you will be removing from your home. Maybe you don’t want to toss all of them. In that case, the more boxes you have, the easier time you’ll have sorting through your belongings and deciding what you can keep, sell or donate instead of throwing everything away.

Save them for your next move if you know you’ll be relocating in the near future

If your work or lifestyle requires you to move more often than the average Joe, you’ll want to keep the leftover boxes from your recent relocation. If you hired packing services Atlanta offers, chances are that the cardboard boxes are brand new and intact after the move. Professional packers usually bring their packing materials which are always brand new and unused, so all the boxes should be intact. You can re-use them for the next time you move and save on moving supplies significantly.

Use them for storage

Another way to put your leftover moving boxes to good use after the move is to use them for storage. If you are planning on renting a storage unit after moving to your new house, the boxes you used for your move will do perfectly fine. Renting a storage unit is useful for multiple reasons. Firstly, you will prevent clutter in your new home. Secondly, if you downsized, the storage Norcross GA offers is an ideal solution for all the items that can’t fit into your current home and that you don’t want to let go of. And lastly, storage units are perfect for putting away seasonal clothes and other items you only occasionally use. Your home will always be tidy and organized this way. You’ll find the boxes from your relocation extremely useful for storage. Not only will you save money and time on not buying new ones, but you will also be reducing unnecessary waste.

a cardboard box for storage is what to do with leftover moving boxes
The leftover moving boxes are very handy for storage.

You can use the boxes to make incredible things for your kids

What better way to use excess cardboard boxes than to make some fun DIY projects for your kids. Children adore playing with everyday items, and chances are they’ll find a simple cardboard box much more interesting than their expensive toys. The reason why is that they get to use their imagination, and a good old box can turn into anything they like! Car? Why not. House? Of course! Spaceship? Sure! A castle? Yes, yes, and yes. Kids love playing with boxes, so all you have to do is give them some crayons and help them turn the boxes into whatever they desire.

Sell them or give the leftover boxes to your friends or family if you know they are moving soon

If you don’t have children or want something more practical for the many cardboard boxes you have left from your move, you can always sell them. Putting them up for sale on eBay can be a good way to earn some extra cash. You can also give them to your friends, family, or neighbors that you know are moving soon. In case you don’t want to sell the boxes, but don’t know anyone who’s moving in the near future, give them away on Craigslist for example.

If you don’t want to keep them, recycle the boxes

If none of the above seems like a good idea to get rid of the boxes you have left from your relocation, the simplest way is to recycle them. Ask your movers if they collect cardboard boxes for recycling. If not, then you can always take them to a recycling container yourself. Make sure not to simply throw them away, as we don’t need any more junk suffocating our planet.

white cardboard box
If you don’t know what to do with leftover moving boxes- recycle them!

Getting rid of excess cardboard boxes after the move can seem like a nuisance, given everything you need to do besides that. You have to unpack and settle in your new home, explore the city or get used to a new workplace. Not to mention meeting all the new people at work or in the neighborhood. Deciding what to do with leftover moving boxes on top of all that can be overwhelming, but we hope we’ve given you some useful ideas. Take a look at all the suggestions and decide which one will work best for your situation and lifestyle needs.



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